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Jun 30, 2008 01:07 PM

Where to buy a Tandoor

I am looking to potentially purchase an Indian Tandoor Oven for use outside for BBQs, etc. I have found a few places on the Web (East Coast) that sell these, but would like to buy from a local merchant to avoid shipping and have better customer service. Please let me know.

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  1. Try one of these places, they should be able to special-order one:

    East Bay Restaurant Supply
    49 4th St, Oakland, CA

    Big Tray
    1200 7th St, San Francisco, CA

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Thanks, I'll give these a try... any ideas about any of the local Indian shops that might have one in stock?

      1. re: jkingsle

        If you are motivated there are a number of "kits" or at least on-line guides to building your own tandoori oven. I am not that motivated or handy and after an unsuccessful local search for a tandoori oven source opted for a domed ceramic grill (Big Green Egg/KomodoKamado type)..and have been generally pleased with the result. You can't slap a nan on the wall (I've tried) but nan-ish flat breads and thin and thicker crust pizzas on a well-made stone (my first pizza stone exploded at 750 degreees) are great as are low/slow and high/fast cooked meats- you could even simulate the tandoori hanging meats from the rotisserie rod that comes with some models. Report back if you find a local source-I'm still looking.

        1. re: tranewreck

          I was talking to a distributor of Tandoors in NJ, and they suggested I try Vik Distributors in Berkeley. They are closed today. I will check with them on Monday and report back.

          The following place in NJ seems to be knowledgable and what nice products, but the shipping will be approximately $325 to the bay area, making it fairly expensive.

          1. re: jkingsle

            I looked at this distributor when I started my search. Other concerns besides the shipping costs included the durability of the clay interior. How long does it last before breaking and how difficult and expensive is it to replace?

            1. re: jkingsle

              Links to build your own:

              you will still have to find a supplier for the clay lining or see the next link below...


              1. re: tranewreck

                I found this place:
                Called them and they are selling their Tandoors for $11,000+.... unreal!

                1. re: jkingsle


                  Did you find a tandoor seller in the Bay Area? I am also looking for one but the prices seem almost prohibitive online.

                  1. re: jkingsle

                    Wow, that's like the "Sub-Zero of Tandoors"!

        2. Here is the # for India Imports and Exports in Los Angeles

          Also checkout local indian newspapers like India West and India Post, They carry ads for stuff imported directly from India . They will import a smaller tandoor and deliver .

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            1. Here's another possibliity:

              they have smaller ones that use charcoal and start around $900. but also gas powered ones as well

              1. I can't help with a local tandoor supplier, but fans of tandoors might find this link interesting...

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                  Whew! I'm exhausted after just reading it.
                  Interesting though.

                  I think I'll just do takeout.