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Jun 30, 2008 12:58 PM

Your TOP-2 of Cuban & Peruvian in Glendale

What are your top 2 in Cuban & Peruvian restaurants in Glendale?
And your favourite items too pls..


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  1. Sabor on Brand and Glenoaks is excellant. Outdoor summer dining with live cuban jazz,
    mojitos, cuban roast pork, and very attentive service. My new favorite place.

    1. have only been to these for lunch. i vote for ropa vieja at la cubana

      La Cubana Restaurant
      720 E Colorado St
      Glendale 91205

      3175 Glendale Blvd. Atwater Village
      (323) 665-9590

      Lola Restaurant [chicken. not buffet
      ]230 N Brand Blvd
      Glendale 91203

      Mamita Peruvian Restaurant
      714 S Brand Blvd
      Glendale 91204

      Porto's Bakery
      315 N Brand Blvd

      have not been, but many rec's here for Raffi's [Persian-Armenian
      ]Raffi's Place Restaurant
      211 E Broadway