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Jun 30, 2008 12:20 PM

stone road grill - notl

We have a reservation next month and wonder if anyone has any feedback from this season. Any dishes in particular to look for? or to avoid?

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  1. I ate there two weeks ago and report that all the dishes were terrific. Specifically, I would try their local ontario wine list. They have some wines that are no longer/never were available from the LCBO.

    We had one each of their proteins and the winner was the duck and the pork three ways:

    - pork three ways - delicious, very large portions
    - duck three ways - moist and flavorful, not expecting the duck croquette since it was not listed on the menu
    - daily fish on wild rice with duck bacon and pancetta - was also delicious, sauce was the winner on the plate
    - scallop appetizer, frisee salad were great, poutine was good but not spectacular after a week of eating it in montreal and ottawa. didn't have the foie gros with it, perhaps that would have changed my mind (but then i wouldn't have been to eat my main)

    didn't get a chance to eat dessert after an appetizer and entree and the breads! oh, don't skip the breads but don't over indulge like we did.

    enjoy! and if it's just the two of you, i would recommend sitting in the round booth. otherwise the bench next to the door is the most comfortable for a group.

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      was there about a month ago myself and overall found the experience quite wonderful, especially compared to many of the experience at other restaurants in notl and the winery regions.

      scallop over frisee was a bit of a mismatch and the scallops themselves were overcooked. the duck bacon was a bit of a poor match and sort of lost the flavour balance. still, pretty tasty but i just might have opted for the mussels instead (good portion and delicious, nearly soaked up all the sauce with every bit of bread we had).

      pork three ways didn't visually seem to be a hefty portion (as mentioned above) but along with the app, it certainly did fill me up quickly. very good. the sausage was the porkiest sausage i've had in a while (porky being a great thing) and i found my ham to be a bit dry. still very good flavouring over all and the "sides" with each component was very well matched. i believe one of them came with a deliciously creamy and smooth polenta.

      the second i heard panna cotta with rhubarb sauce and stratus ice wine reduction, i was hooked. even more excited to see a dollop of cardamom whipped cream on top and it was love at first fantastical bite. this is perhaps my favourite dessert combination of all time.

      friendly and very helpful service (offhand remark about how more gravy could have been on the poutine resulted in extra gravy arriving without much disturbance on the corner of our table).

      adore it.

    2. I was there last month and the asparagus risotto appetizer was wonderful -- we actually ordered a second one immediately because it was so good and not big enough to be shared by all that wanted some. I was not as enthralled with the supreme of chicken, but then I'm rarely excited by chicken dishes (which, of course, begs the question "why did I order chicken?"). However, I remember enjoying the sides immensely (I think there was a gnocchi of some sort). All the other dishes at the table were very much enjoyed by the rest of the party. Wine and desserts were excellent and service was warm and friendly. Love this place.

      1. I was just there on the weekend. Becareful to look carefully for the restaurant, as it's not easy to spot. It's actually in a strip mall and the signs say "REST" with small lettering for "Stone Road Grille".

        Duck "Bacon" wrapped scallops - Excellent dish
        Tempura Soft shell crab - Also very good, the batter was excellent and light
        Mussels - Alright dish, I had quite a bit of sand/grit in mine

        Lamb - Didn't taste it, but was good according to my friend
        Grilled Flatiron steak - Sauce was excellent (coconut), steak was good
        Chicken - Only tasted a bite, was good

        Creme Brulee - Slightly too sweet, but overall good
        Banana Spilt - No actual banana, except in the ice cream. Actually very good

        Maybe it's intentional, but the decor and location to not match the "upscale" food.

        1. We just ate there a few days ago and the experience was absolutely wonderful. The charcuterie plate was exceptional with a liver mousse that was cool and creamy and almost tasted like ice cream. It also had amazing, bison, venison, and a variety of homemade chutneys and condiments. Really a special dish and a large portion. The 3P risotto (peas, prosciutto, and parmesan) was delicious, but tiny- it seemed almost like a tease. The goat cheese tart that was topped with arugula that was really unique and addictive- the crust had a sweetness to it that almost made it taste like dessert. Lamb 3 ways was a big hit as was the flatiron steak. The desserts were probably the least memorable part of the meal- we had the creme brulee and the banana split. And eatereater123 was right about the breads- the cabernet bread was- oh- too good to describe.

          1. I almost had heart failure when I read the title of this post. A quick glance and it looked like "Stone Road Grille - Not!" Whew, this is one my favourite NOTL restaurants. Happy to hear that you had a good experience.

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