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Jun 30, 2008 11:46 AM

DeepWood: New Restaurant in Columbus; Anyone Been?

Just wondering if anyone has been to DeepWood, the new restaurant on High between downtown and the Short North. Read a rave review in 'Alive' but haven't heard anything else.

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  1. A fellow Yelper reviewed this place. Hope it helps!

    1. The menu is intriguing and seems quite progressive for Columbus. I definitely mean to check it out, but will have to wait for one of my foodie friends to match my schedule.

      Oddly, without even reading that review my first thought was Gramercy Tavern, where I just ate one week ago and had one of the 10 best meals of my life. The Bar/Backroom combo is very en vogue in NYC these days with the Batali restaurants (Lupa and Del Posto) and the Modern recently taking leads from Gramercy.

      1. Well, I ate at DeepWood (DW Tavern area) last night and was generally underwhelmed. The lobstercakes were not nearly as flavorful as I thought they'd be. Ditto for the tuna loin and roasted chicken. The meat and the sides were simply too bland for my tastes. The salmon was pretty good. The bbq ribs were actually quite good: smokey, sweet, and tender. For dessert, the souffle was obviously baked to order and very good. But all in all, next time I'd just go to Lindey's.