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Jun 30, 2008 11:25 AM

Best dining in Rialto, CA

I mentor a young chef who is moving to Railto... where should I guide her to dine???

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  1. Unfortunately, the area is a dining desert. The only place I know about that's worth considering is a well-regarded, cheap Mexican restaurant, the Mitla Cafe, which is not in Rialto but very close-by in San Bernardino. If anyone can add to the list, I'd also be quite interested, because I pass through Rialto often.

    I don't understand why this rather run-down part of the Inland Empire lacks decent restaurants (not that the rest of the IE offers much, either). People out there love to eat -- you see long lines at various chain establishments such as Home Buffet. And Valley Blvd. is a moving minefield of hungry truckers looking for lunch or a 5 a.m. donut before heading back to the freeway. A great houndworthy hamburger, burrito, donut, or pizza joint could prosper, if properly run, and even a mid-level roadhouse or two in the style of Gulliver's in Irvine might make it as a haven for the weary traveler on the always-busy 10 or the newly extended 210 (which is now an uninterrupted bypass around Los Angeles, from the 5 just below Santa Clarita all the way to Redlands) -- not to mention the crowds attending races at the California Speedway in Fontana. If your young chef is entrepreneurial, I hope she sees potential for opening her own place in this In-land of culinary opportunity.

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      I would begin by looking at Ontario (closer than San Bernardino). hundreds of restaurants, Ontario Mills, a major airport, hotels, etc.

      start with Rosa's.

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        Some of the best Sushi for a reasonable price in Southern CA is in San Bernardino. I responded with suggestions in Riverside and Redlands in your other post.

        Miyagi Sushi
        228 E Baseline St
        San Bernardino, CA 92410
        (909) 889-3929