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Jun 30, 2008 11:14 AM

Fairmount Bars and Restaurants

Just recently moved into the neighborhoof and have been doing quite a bit of bar hopping over the past few weeks.

I've found London Grill to consistently be a let down, although I like the space...I wish I could go there for any reason other than there cheap happy hour...but i can't.

Rembrants is nice, consistent, decent staff...but somewhat stuffy

Zorbas Gyro and Soufalki (spelling?) are off the hook. great little spot.

The Bishop's Collar is great. good staff, good food, out door seating is always packed, but if you can get it and camp out for a couple hours, its one of Farirmounts best spots.

Belgian Cafe is good, but doesn't blow me anyway like my first time at Monk's did years ago...I think my expectations were too high. I go back often to see there draft list,

Bridgid's is my favorite new little spot. Great food, the best and most consistent in the neighborhood for a good price. Nice rotation of drafts, although I'd like to see some more consistency. Anyone else feel like some of their drafts are a buck too pricy?!?

Aspen is a great bet for a late night burger and cold cold miller high life.

Haven't hit Urban Saloon or St Stephen up yet, but they are my list of things to do.

Is there any good pizza in this neighborhood??? or do I have to go all the way to Lazaro's to get my fix?

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  1. Our favorite places in the neighborhood:

    L'Oca, 20th and Fairmount.
    Figs, 25th and Aspen.
    Both are BYOB.

    1. trio!!!!

      some of the best thai food i've had in philly. beggar's pouches = delicious little dumplings. great drunken noodles as well. BYO, cute rooftop dining!

      1. I was never a fan of Rembrandt's.....but they used to make a pretty good pizza. They had an imported stone pizza oven in the kitchen that made for a great crust.

        1. My opinion is that you shouldn't waste your time with Urban Saloon. Some may disagree, but I just find it to be an annoying crowd similar to what you'd find at the Public House or McFadden's on a Friday or Saturday night. I have not been during the week, so it may just be the weekends that are like that.

          I'm a big fan of Bishop's Collar, and although it can get quite crowded, it always seems likely a friendly atmosphere.