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Jun 30, 2008 10:56 AM

Foodie B-day Dinner


My husband is a foodie and I'm trying to plan a birthday dinner for us and two other couples (6 ppl total). I want to take my husband to a place that he's never been that is known for great food/service/wine, and is comfortable enough for a party of 6. Also, I'd like to keep the entree prices to $25 or below, if possible. So far I have Aquagrill and Perilla on my list. Any others to recommend? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Perilla is a great choice, fun, delicious and just a good atmosphere.

    Other suggestions include: Tia Pol, Alta, Savoy, Little Owl (though a 6 top may be tight), Soba Totto or Yakitori Totto, and dell'anima

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    1. re: ginsbera

      Thanks, I'm glad you agree it's a good choice. Since it's a bit pricey, I'm thinking of treating our friends to some wine and a round of appetizers to share for the table. Are the portions big enough to do this? Any apps that you strongly recommend?

      1. re: jdogg80

        The portions are not huge, but you can probably get away with sharing. It may require you to get dessert somewhere else though. As for apps I highly recommend the spicy duck meatballs, and order up the edamame falafel. Delicious.

        If you desire you can always go to Blind Tiger Ale House for some spectacular beers afterwards without breaking the bank on drinks for dinner.

    2. Great options so far, just to throw out some others-
      Kuma Inn- Thai
      L'ecole- French
      Craft Bar- American
      'Inoteca- Italian
      Blaue Gans- German
      mermaid inn- seafood

      I also recommend Perilla, Little Owl and Alta

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        I think Kuma Inn is a really great deal with some excellent cuisine. They also do BYO if I remember correctly. Also a fascinating experience given the open kitchen.

        Inoteca is always excellent and I think the prices are very reasonable.

        I like Blaue Gans a ton, though I have only done brunch there several times but the food is excellent.

        One that hasnt been mentioned that has some great italian is Po in the W. Village.

        1. re: misnatalie

          Alta has great food and a very reasonably priced wine list. I'd say their markup is about on par with Landmarc, though the list is not as extensive.

        2. How about a birthday lunch or brunch? I think Perry Street is the best value in the city. $24 for a 3 courses. Amazing!!

          1. just about every restaurant here will be more than $25

            how about Caracas Arepas, Pio Pio?

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            1. re: bykim1

              I'm looking for $25 entrees, not total meal per person. Sorry if there was confusion.

              1. re: bykim1

                although I liked caracas arepas, I wouldn't call it a destination for a foodie birthday, especially if you have a party larger than 2 as it is really tight in there. Good food though.