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Jun 30, 2008 10:55 AM

Kaffir Lime Leaves [moved from Austin board]

I have a small shipment headed my way and want to make the most of them.
What's your favorite dish to make with Kaffir lime leaves?

I did a search on the recipe board and didn't find much.

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  1. Scallops Wrapped in Kaffir Lime Leaves is a classic.

    here is a recipe by Jean-Georges Vongerichten:

    1. How about that saffron sauce Catherine Zeta Jones character made in the No Reservations movie?

      1. Besides adding to curries, I add them to coconut rice while it's steaming to serve with satay chicken, and I like to infuse creme brulee with their flavor. You can make a Mexican-style tea of the leaves and some canela.

        1. I make a kaffir lime ice cream. Just steep it in the cream before making your base.