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Jun 30, 2008 10:40 AM

Antone's Po'Boys in Austin?

I know they used to be ubiquitous, but haven't seen them around lately. Anyone know where a guy might find an Antone's Po'Boy in Austin these days? I have a real craving for one.



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  1. I've never seen such a beast in Austin. That's pretty much a Houston area chain. As far as the restaurant goes, Citysearch claims there is one in the shopping center at 183 and Burnet. I generally don't pay any attention to those shopping centers, so I don't know if it actually exists.

    As far as the grab-n-go sandwiches, I've never seen them in the grocery stores; it seems like Tom's Tabooley and the Turbo Falafel folks have the market cornered.

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      They used to carry them at Austin area Randall's groceries and even the Exxon Tiger Marts. They even had an Antone's storefront on Congress until a few years ago. Does anyone know if Randall's still carries them?

    2. There used to be one in the shopping center where Mooyah burgers is opening. In fact, it was in that same space. Don't think there are any left in Austin, although I remember the Tigermarts selling Antone's Po'Boys, but that was at least two years ago.

      1. I asked the same thing and was told that a former ANTONE's employee opened the Longhorn deli and serves sandwiches just like them.

        1. Spec's sells their chow-chow if you want to make your own Original (green wrapper) or Super (red).