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Jun 30, 2008 10:27 AM

Last bbq post before our KC trip--help me over the hump

Weve decided to try to fit in 4 places in one day--eating small amounts of each place's specialty at each one. The places are: Bryants, on Brooklyn. LCs on Blue Pkwy, Gates, either on Brooklyn or Main, and Jack Stack, at Frieghthouse.

So, what to each at each of those?

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  1. We're there right now (so up-to-date info).
    LC's for ribs and beans - both are #1 on our list.
    Bryant's for burnt ends. And try all 3 sauces - they really are different.
    Skip Jack Stack - #5 for everything except ambience!
    And we haven't managed more than 2 per day - and started to suffer at 2.
    Didn't try Gates so can't help there.

    1. i eat at the Gates on Main, i live only a few blocks from there. theres 2 things id suggest to order there. either the Mixed Meat plate, which is a nice sample of alot of tasty BBQ, or the Combo and a Half, its a sandwhich with different meats PILED on some bread to hold onto, they have a sauce bar with all their different sauces, try em all, my fav is the spicy. hope this helps..... HI MAY I HELP YOU!
      one more thing, if possible, id say skip Jack Stack and go to Oklahoma Joes, you wont be sorry, i think its the best bbq joint in kc

      1. LC's Burnt ends blows Bryant's out of the water, also very good are the ribs and beans. Get the Lamb ribs and cheesey corn at Jack Stack, Skip Gates and go to OKlahoma Joe's, they have good bbq all the way around.

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        1. re: Irishbeer4me

          LC's Burnt ends blow everyone else's out of the water.
          Admittedly, I haven't had them all, but so far nobody else has even come close.

          1. re: Bobfrmia

            OK - tried both LC's and Bryants within the past few days. Lc's were good but some were dry and some had gristle.
            At Bryant's we had one piece with fat (not gristle) but otherwise perfect (and I much preferred the sauce on the Bryants burnt ends to that on their ribs - the latter were too vinegary, reminiscent of South Carolina style).

        2. Agree with so many others, skip either Gates or Jack Stack and do Oklahoma Joe's--the best in my opinion!

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          1. re: pollymerase

            I also hit Oklahome Joe's. In particular their fries were a standout. Meat was excellent quality but I found it offputting that their pulled pork was South Carolina style (I'm visiting KC for its take on BBQ).
            And one aftermath - I had classic 'MSG symptoms' after Oklahoma Joes ( I get dry lips and extreme thirst for 24 hours which suddenly dissipates). I'm guessing this was on their fries which tasted wonderful - so I over-indulged.

          2. I've been to Jack Stack twice. First time I had some of the worst ribs I'd ever eaten (lamb)--impossible to chew. I sent them back. In hopes that the first time was a fluke I returned on my next KC trip. Food was better, but not remarkable. The beans, however, are excellent.

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            1. re: alan

              I don't have a problem with Jack Stack's beef and pork but the lamb just plain sucks! I also just don't equate Cheesy Corn with BBQ. I love grilled lamb chops but IMHO I just don't think lamb is a good choice for "Q". If you're out for a nice, relaxed dinner with atmosphere, Jack's is a good choice.

              1. re: SonyBob

                I love their lamb ribs, I found them to be the most tender and tasty ribs I have ever had. I have loved Jack Stack for 25 years, since their only location was in Martin City and it was still called Smokestack.

                I don't care for Arthur Bryants the meat is too dry and the sauce waaaaay to vinegary--even their "sweet sauce"

                LC's is always a treat....any chance I get.

                Gates for me is meh.

                never been to OK Joes

                Beauchamps in Lee's Summit has potential.

                1. re: Jakevol2

                  Ricky's Pit at 82nd and State in KCK is supposed to be really good.