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Jun 30, 2008 09:41 AM

TKettle St. Marks -- delish boiled dumplings (no need for pan-frying, so good!)

TKettle on St. Marks - a bubble tea parlor which you may frequent for drinks but did you know that they have great dumplings?

My cousin and friends (homesick for their home country of Taiwan),
were in search of dumplings (not panfried potstickers but the boiled kind called shwai jiao), and were thrilled to find this taiwanese-owned cafe and happily chatted away with the owner & staff who recommended the dumplings.

Now, i usually hate boiled dumplings and always prefer the pan-fried kind, but these totally converted me. Moist, fragrant, and fresh--not frozen), you'd never guess that TKettle had such morsels here. My cousin and her friends (all from Taipei) gave it the thumbs up ---authentic, delish dumplings, more delicately flavorful and thinner-skinned than Chinatown's (i.e. vanessas and other dumpling houses), better than Dumpling Man (another taiwanese joint), and in a authentic cafe style that most young asians tend to frequent.

btw if you want a great bubble tea flavor there---get the coconut ---it's the insider favorite.

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    1. I guess you have to get there before they sell out. Went by one night and they didn't have any dumplings left.

      1. Just went there tonight and they were delicous! The skins were fantastic, the filling (house filling -- pork and shrimp) was flavorful, fresh, and juicy. I don't think these are boiled -- a recent article in Time Out indicates they're steamed, though I agree that they in no way needed to be pan fried.

        I was there at 9:15 tonight and there was no indication they had sold out, nor any line or crowd at all...

        1. I walk by this place all the time (I even walked inside) but have never stopped to try their dumplings. I had zero expectations of finding decent food there so I always moved on, but this is making me think I should reconsider.

          1. Stopped by tonight and the house dumplings are still very good. 10 for $5.99. Tax included. Moist, juicy, fresh insides. Bouncy shrimp, loose filling. Not too thick a wrapper.