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Jun 30, 2008 09:29 AM

A whole chicken?

I am use to buying chicken parts, I have never bought a whole chicken before. Now that I am on some kind of grilling craze I went looking for a whole chicken. Imagine my surprise when I got to Loblaws and found a whole chicken on the shelf (5-6 pounds) for $26.00. Is this the going rate for a whole chicken? Please tell me if this is what a chicken really costs in this city. Or if I am just looking in the wrong place.

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  1. That seems unusually high. Was there something special about the chicken? Free-range, organic, etc.? I buy my whole chickens from Fresh From the Farm and they are $2.80/pound, so my chickens are usually $14 - $20 each.

    1. Yeah that's a lot, must have been free-range.

      I just bought my usual three-pack of Lillydale whole chickens at Costco for $21. Downtown, St. Andrew poultry in-between Chinatown and Kensington is very very cheap.

      1. You can get a generic chicken at Dominion for about $10-$15.

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          $2.49 for run of the mill and $3.99 for Cumbraes.

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            That seems like a lot for a whole chicken, unless it was huge. I'd say $12, tops.

        2. Thanks guys! I am off to Costco.

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            No Frills had a sweet sale on last week for President's Choice whole chickens, I got 2 amazing ones for 6$ each.
            Plus there is always china town if you're ok with head and feet still attached...

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