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Jun 30, 2008 09:18 AM

Fun, interesting places in Center City

I am hoping to try a bunch of new places this summer. I always end up at the same few restaurants. Price is no object, but I am interested in some BYOB's and casual places as well. I want to keep it in Center City/South Philly.

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  1. Where have you gone that you enjoy?

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    1. re: saturninus

      Matyson, if you haven't already tried it. 19th Street, between Market & Chestnut. BYOB

      Scannicchio's, Broad & Porter. Nothing fancy, but good, plentiful food. My 2nd-3rd generation South Philly friends turned me on to it. BYOB

      Tiffin: 710 West Girard Ave. No atmosphere, but some of the best Indian food in the city.

      Las Cazuelas: Just down the street from Tiffin. Not cheap, but very good Mexican. BYOB

      1. re: saturninus

        10 arts, lolita, la viola, august, tequilas, all perrier restaurants

      2. Apamate (16th and South) is delicious, cozy and has a pretty fun atmosphere. Its also BYOB

        1. Matyson
          Bistro 7