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Jun 30, 2008 08:38 AM

Best Markets Around St. Tropez

I'm going to a small town called La Croix-Valmer in a few days (from New York), which is about 10 minutes from St. Tropez. Since I'll be cooking a lot, I'd like to find some great markets in the area. Does anyone have any recommendations? I remember that St. Tropez has a market from the last time I was there, but I'm sure there are other ones in the area. I don't want to travel as far as Nice, though I hear the market there is spectacular.

If anyone has to die for restaurant, winery, or food store recommendations, I'd appreciate that as well. Thanks, Michael

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  1. The roads will be very crowded so you might not want to go far, but if you do not find the local markets adequate, you should leave early one morning and go to the Marché Forville in Cannes, which will have everything.

    For restaurants, my favorites in the area are Le Sud in Aiguebelle, near Le Lavandou, and Le Relais des Moines near Les Arcs.

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      Hey, Thanks. The restaurants sound great. I'll be near Les Arcs to go to a winery, so maybe I'll try to get lunch at Le Relais. And I'm going to Bandol, so maybe dinner on the way back at Le Sud.

      I'd love to go to the market, but you're right that it's a bit far (probably more than an hour). So I'll try the local markets, knowing that a quick in and out trip to Cannes may be in the cards. Do you know anything specific about any of the local markets around me?

    2. We spent a week in the area last fall. I would highly recommend following:

      Auberge la Verdoyante in Gassin. Just up the hill from St. Tropez
      Le Cercle in Les Issambres. East of St. Tropez. Sits right on the sea. Relatively simple menu but the food is absolutely fabulous. I highly recommend. Worth a detour to go there.
      La Tarte Tropezienne. A boulangerie where you can also sit to eat petit dejeuner on the square where market is held.

      1. You have to go to Club Cinquante-Cinq for beach and a wonderful lunch! Make a reservation now! We go there for the day everytime we are in the St. Tropez area! Awesome people and amazing yachts!!! Enjoy!

        Club Cinquante-Cinq (Pampelonne beach, Ramatuelle; 9455 5555 ), or "55" as it is known.

        Unashamedly the place to see and be seen. On a perfect hot day, there's nothing like coming off the beach, settling into one of the white banquettes under the welcome shade of a straw canopy and enjoying a long lunch of fresh local produce, chilled wine and increasingly hilarious conversation.

        You can't help but hope the day will never end.

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          I know Club 55 rather well but one does not go there for the food, honestly.