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Jun 30, 2008 08:38 AM

Great Sushi in NYC

I will be having one sushi dinner in Manhattan and am travelling with a sushi fan. If Nobu is the best, then fine, but if there is better, fresher, more enjoyable sushi at a less expensive and more authentic location, I would be happy. What are your thoughts?

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    1. re: MMRuth

      i'll second yasuda. sit at his station, joke around with him and enjoy some of the freshest fish/seafood in town. the rice is exemplary. note that this is not a "shrine" to fine dining. relax and enjoy yourself. you'll be back.

    2. Depends on your budget and your preference for decor/atmosphere. Nobu is trendier but I think the sushi is only okay. Their cooked dishes are really good though. On a sushi only perspective, I think Sushi Yasuda has some of the freshest fish in NYC. Cost is also reasonable. However, the best and most creative sushi in town has to be the Omikase at Gari, in my opinion, though it is a bit pricier (100/person I think) and the decor is lacking.

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      1. re: feedmepls

        yasuda is less than 100/person?

        you must be very tiny.

        1. re: feedmepls

          Totally agree....Nobu is not about sushi, and Sushi of Gari raises the sushi bar.

        2. Nobu is one of my favorite restaurants but I should warn you that sushi is not Nobu's forte. They are more known for their fantastic seared (i.e.,sashimi salad, yellow tail) and cooked (i.e., black cod, crab casserole, kobi beef, etc.) dishes. There is a method to ordering at Nobu. Since the plates are small, you begin with 2-3 seared dishes, then move on to the cooked dishes and then onto the sushi before dessert). I think your friend would be very impressed with the seared dishes. As to some other recommendations, for some incredible sushi, I would suggest Jewel Bako or Sushi Yasuda, which is No. 1 for sushi in NYC (both as pricy as Nobu). Sushi Sen-nin has good sushi and would be less pricy. If you can't get a reservation at Nobu, you could try the downtown Nobu next door or ask to be seated at the sushi bar where you can observe the chefs preparing sushi.

          1. My hubby and I LOVE Yasuda. There is minimal decor, but if you want the best and freshest raw fish, this is the place to go.

            1. Some people may disagree but I've been going to Poke on East 85th (between 1st and 2nd) for about 4 years now. Their sushi is extremely fresh and their special roles are amazing on the palette. It's also BYOB! Beware they're cash only but this will cost you much less than Nobu...

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              1. re: kissy28c

                I liked Poke much better on my last trip there - maybe last summer - than on previous visits, but if I recall correctly, we liked the rolls but not the sashimi, which was warm and lack luster. I think it's pretty good value, but in my opinion not in the same league as Yasuda, Gari and others. The room is much nicer since they moved though.

                1. re: MMRuth

                  I do not agree with the reviews of Poke. The sushi is not great, and the service is rushed and not friendly. It's definitely not in the same league as Yasuda.