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Jun 30, 2008 08:32 AM

Becky's BBQ in Middletown RI- catering?

Has anyone ever had Becky's BBQ catering? We've had lunch and dinner at their location in MIddletown and we are thinking of having them cater a party for 75 people (rehearsal dinner/party for our wedding). Any feedback on their catering (service, presentation, quality, etc) is appreciated. thanks!

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  1. They catered our wedding reception for about 100 ppl.

    Very casual and the food/service was excellent. It was a buffet (stand in line) style of service.

    1. Where is Becky's? Heading down to Middletown on Thursday.

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        On East Main St. (RT 138) near the intersection with West Main (RT 114). We tried this last weekend. The menu is fairly small but we had ribs, pulled beef, and pulled chicken. All were very good, as were the sides. Especially good cornbread. I used the leftover chicken in quesadillas.

        1. re: yumyum

          It's on East Main Road- on the left side if you are heading north (directly across from the shopping center with Shaws and Christmas Tree Shops). It is in a brown residential house- look carefully!

          Thanks for the feedback Bewley--what a cool idea to have it for the wedding!!! I bet it was really fun. Did you have them set it up and serve it? We're thinking of just having the setup and then we'll take care of cleaning it up (since its just the rehearsal/welcome to RI party- not the wedding).

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            We provided the tables. They arrived, set-up the warmers and prepared food (ribs and chicken and sides). They (two people) served and then cleaned up and just left the tables that we provided for them as they were. That was our choice as many of the people attending the reception were in food service, so we provided the coffee, desserts (the CAKE) and whatnot. They had quite a bit of food left over and our crowd CAN and DID eat, so the Becky's crew obviously came prepared. Everyone loved the food.