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Jun 30, 2008 08:26 AM

James Hook is OPEN for retail!

Notwithstanding the loss of their retail location on Atlantic Ave., James Hook is still selling fresh lobsters, chowder, etc... from their wholesale location at 339 Northern Ave. It is a bit difficult to locate the entrance, but they are definitely open for retail business. You can call their main number (listed on the website) for details. They told me that they plan on opening a temporary retail shop at the site of the fire, but will continue to sell retail from the 339 Northern Ave location. Don't give up on the Hook just yet, Chowhounders!

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  1. Thank you, this is a real PSA. Since you mention the 339 northern Ave location, is that right near the corner of Atlantic, or is that way over by the Fish Pier?

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      1. re: keencook1

        they have been open for retail at that location since 5 days after the fire...

      2. One should not go there thinking they will see a desplay counter like the old one. It is basically a working wholesale outlet that will fill retail orders. Don't expect to see a display case with fish or lobster rolls. When you arrive at 339 you have to go to the back of the parking lot and climb up some stairs to an unmarked door. Be brave and go in, the people are as friendly as ever. As noted they did indicate they will be opening in some trailers at the orginal site in a few weeks.

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          Wow, it's a good thing I saw this. I will be in Boston for the weekend and was hoping to make my usual stop for their lobster roll... Does anybody know if they have lobster rolls at their temp. location?