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Jun 30, 2008 08:22 AM

Lunch/Dinner Midtown (Thanks!)

Ok, I had alot of success on my last post I was wondering if I could once again get some more recommendations(newbie). I work on 48th and park, and have only been in the city for 2 weeks. I am looking for some great lunch places(within 10 blocks of work), so far I have been to Shun Lee, Smith and Wollensky, Hatsuhana, and Pampano(my favorite). I was also recommended Chin Chin as far as Chinese, because I was not that impressed with Shun Lee. If anyone has some other recommendations please let me know, and which dish to order. What I am looking for superior food quality, atmosphere does not play a roll. Price does not matter, but a good deal is always preferred. I am also impartial to any type of food, so all recomendations are welcome. I eat mostly chicken, fish, steak, but I am open to anything. Thanks again for your help, as this board has really changed my NY experience. When making recommendation please list your favorite dishes, as I have found most posters on this board to have superior tastebuds!.

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  1. You could try the Cafe at Aquavit for their lunch prix fixe - Swedish food - great herring, and Swedish meatballs, etc. Very modern room. And of course Yasuda for sushi - I keep reading that they have a prix fixe available, though I've not tried it.

    1. I have a tiny sushi place for you to try: Ise, on W. 56th Street (a few steps in from 5th Avenue.) You have to forgive the bare-bones atmosphere -- this is probably not a place many JP Morgan people haunt -- but the dishes are authentic Japanese.

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        I agree. Ise is a real find. I originally learned of the place from a Japanese colleague.

        The udon noodle soup is very tasty. I also like the broiled yellowtail collar. Make sure to ask for it when you arrive as they seem to often run out. The sushi is fine but it's more the prepared foods I go for. The katsu is good if you like fried pork cutlet (get the more fatty version). They have lots of daily specials so you should look at the menu and try the dishes that appeal to you. They used to have several set menus that were excellent value but I didn't see them on the menu when I was there a few weeks ago.

        The green tea ice cream is good for dessert. I would say it's at least as good or maybe even better than most green tea ice cream I've had, and I like green tea ice cream. But I would say the other dessert I had there recently was even better and more unusual. It was basically a green tea pudding with mochi.

        As brendastarlet said, the dishes seem to be authentic Japanese (plenty of Japanese-speaking diners). I also find the atmosphere to be somewhat reminiscent of some of the restaurants I ate at in Japan.

        The restaurant is actually closer to 6th Avenue, by the way, on the south side of the block.

      2. Geisha
        33 E 61st Street
        Madison & Park
        Sushi Den
        19 East 48th Street 49th & Mad
        280 Park Avenue

        1. The Bar Room at the Modern. The tarte flambee is probably my favourite plate of food in the city.