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Jun 30, 2008 08:11 AM

downtown quesadillas [Wappingers]

The other day I was driving through Wappingers, and I saw a a place called "downtown quesadillas" Has anyone tried it? If so, how was it? I had never noticed it before and just was curious. I am also curious about the "groundhog", and the "falls diner", also along the same street. Any info would be appreciated...

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  1. Is "Downtown Quesadillas" in the main town part of Wappingers? I have never noticed it, I wonder if it's new. I did notice a place called "Tequila", I think it was? I think a sign said they serve international food. Maybe they changed their name. I will look on my next drive through there.

    I have eaten at "The Ground Hog", and while a bit pricey for the type of food they serve, I enjoyed it both times. They are a coffee shop/breakfast/lunch place. They have some breakfast offerings...omelettes, breakfast sandwiches, etc. and then sandwiches and other lunch offerings. The servers are very friendly. I've been meaning to go back as I haven't been for a few months.

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      Hey, thanks for the info on "the ground hog-I think I am going to stop by the quesadilla place today- to check it out- It does not stick out at all- My friend from out of town was in the car with me, was the one who spotted it- I never would have noticed it. The "falls diner" also looks really cool (I love the old brick buildings) I'll have to try it sometime.

    2. I know that this is an old thread, but I just stopped by Downtown Quesadillas for lunch. I ordered two tacos con bistec, which were delicious, and a sandia (fresh watermelon juice). The tacos were inexpensive ($1.50), flavorful, and fresh...great combination. I actually prefer them to Tacocina's beef tacos. I thoroughly enjoyed the sandia, especially with the amazing weather we had today. It's on E. Main St., right near the libary in Wappingers.