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Chow deals each day of the week

Hey houders,

Just out of curiousity, I was wondering what types of "deals" restaurants around Toronto have each day of the week. I suppose I want to keep a database (if you will) of deals around the city. An example of what I mean would be: 1.5 lbs of lobster for $20 at Ultra on Mondays, 2 lbs of mussels for $7 at Banknote on Tuesdays, wing deals, etc.

Any help would be appreciated! :-)

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  1. What a great idea! Are you making any judgements on food/restaurant quality when including items? (Just curious.)

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      As long as it's not terrible (like half price nachos but then they give you half the portion and it's skimpy on toppings) then it would be nice to add to the list.


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        Monday wing special at Tara Inn (2365 Kingston Rd)
        Tuesday night Duff's.
        I think Zucca still has a Monday $20 prix fixe.

    2. Great thread idea. I don't really have anything though. Toonie Tuesday at KFC? Although it's like $2.69 or something that's not really close to a toonie, and probably not right for the demographic of this board. How's about King's Crown nachos and a jug of beer at Sneaky Dee's -- which chowhounds seem pretty ambivalent about -- for like $20 on Wednesdays. These nachos have been mentioned in various 'best nacho' threads, with mixed opinions afterwards. I think it's a pretty good deal. Also buck-a-shuck oysters at various restaurants like Cyrano's or Fridays and Beaver Cafe on Wednesdays. Malpeques, of course.

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        bungalow cafe on king west has daily specials..i cant remember them all but they have 2 for 1 pasta on mondays and $4 pints on saturdays!

      2. I do believe that Mezzetta on St. Clair at Christie has specials on Mondays and Toonie Tuesdays if memory serves. And hey, tapas are a great way to start the week...

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          Chick'n Joy has 2 pieces (dark meat ) and fries for about $2.50 Tuesday. Some locations Mon. and Wed. as well. Ask for chicken not too well done.
          The fried chicken is reasonably good, better than the Colonel and the fries are fresh cut (from small potatoes!). The staff seems to be friendly, as in family-run franchises.

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            Those fries are cut so fat that they always seem dry and undercooked. I must say the Colonel beats chick'n joy in that department.

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              I think it depends on the Chicken Joy. The one around Markham and Eglington was always good, but the one on Queen E. I will never goto again cause of bad chicken.

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                The two other locations that I know are Kingston Rd. at White's Rd., and Morningside & K.R.

                1483 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L1E2, CA

                Chick N Joy Restaurant
                4449 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M1E2N7, CA

                Chicken N Joy
                3555 Thickson Rd N, Whitby, ON L1R, CA

                Chick N Joy Restaurant
                705 Kingston Rd, Pickering, ON L1V, CA

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                  Hmm that makes sense. The location I used to go was on Kingston Road in Scarborough.

                  1. re: beany

                    There was one also at Kingston Raod and Lawrence area.

          2. La Grotta on Pape near Danforth, which isn't by any means high end Italian cuisine but still has excellent pizza and decent pasta (and, for that matter, good eats all around), has deals for delivery on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, namely buy one pasta or entree and get a second same one for half price. Here's their website with menus;


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              Thanks Vorpal. Menu looks good. This place is close to me and I never would have thought to try them without the tip.

            2. Thanks guys! Those make a great start!

              Keep 'em coming!

              1. Simba Grill on Donlands:
                - Toonie Tuesdays - certain specials are $2 a plate
                - Thursday Fish Special - 1 piece fish, potatoes, 2 roti for $8.50
                - Friday Ribs Special - ribs, fries and salad for $8.50
                - Saturday Channa Bateta Special with soft drink or tea for $3.75
                - Sunday Gujrati Thali Special - AYCE veggie platter - $8.50
                (closed Mon & Tues)

                Simba Grill
                375 Donlands Ave, Toronto, ON M4J3S2, CA

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                  That is Toonie Wednesdays!
                  Have they re-opened? They were closed for several months earlier this year, and there were no signs of life, so I haven't tried recently.

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                    yes - Toonie Wednesdays, wasn't thinking. They have re-opened.

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                      Re-opened - sort of!
                      "Went" last night and was turned away at 8:05 because they were about to close (despite the OPEN sign being displayed). They did offer take-out and a few customers were still in the place. Web site says open until 9:00.
                      Hmm - a restaurant that closes for several months and then turns away customers. Wonder what business model they're using!

                      1. re: estufarian

                        I've been a couple times recently and the food was very good.
                        I chatted with the owner the first time I was there because it wasn't very busy (it was a week night) and I asked if they get busy. He said that they are VERY busy from the mosque late on Friday and on Saturdays.
                        I agree, it's not a good business model, but I think they mostly rely on that business from the mosque to get them through.
                        They were very pleasant both times I was there though and the food was very good. I will go back, quirks and all, because I think it's worth it for the food/value and it's VERY close to my house, so it's not inconvenient for me to chance it.

                  2. re: JamieK

                    Simba Grill is amazing. I totally forgot about that place. There BBQ ribs and spicy fries are killer ... my mouth is watering.

                  3. Oishi Kada sushi in Kensington is my favourite sushi in the city, and a chunk of their menu is 1/2 price on Sunday. The lady and I eat it whenever we can!

                    1. $20 prix fixe on Sundays at Southern Accent

                      1. Pauper's Pub at 539 Bloor Street West, just east of Bathurst Street, has $0.25 wings every Wednesdays.................

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                          1. re: pinkprimp

                            I remember them being a bit on the dried out side, but the size was okay...

                          2. re: jennjen18

                            They also have half-priced apps on Sundays (excluding the platters) and cheap mixed drinks. They're ok... standard kind of "what else can we deep fry in this thing?" pub munchies. Makes for an ok place to watch football though.

                            1. re: Manybears

                              I think they have half-priced appetizers every day of the week from 3pm to 7pm. But if it's all day Sunday, that's good to know too.

                          3. I didn't think the lobster at Ultra Supper Club was real, but now that I've sent it through Google, it definitely is. Interesting deal. Is it good?

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                              I'm curious too. I haven't been yet, but that was what inspired me to start this thread: exactly how many deals are there out there that aren't really known?

                              I will go soon to USC and report back on the lobster.

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                                Oh yeah, I see it now - Lobster Mondays, 1.5lbs of lobster for $20, all accompanied by Classic Rock, Retro and 80's music. Nice. Do report back. :)

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                                  I convinced a girlfriend of mine to go with me to the Ultra Supper Club on Monday (not all that difficult since it was only $20) and we had a great time!

                                  It works on a first come first serve basis and is only served on the gorgeous white rooftop patio but there's plenty of space on Mondays compared to the club crowd on weekends. It was relaxed and easy going. We could see the lobsters get thrown into a pot bubbling away on the deck in front of the kitchen. They poured clarified butter from a pitcher into small bowls heated with tealight candles for dipping and gave us nut crackers and picks. The lobster was delicious, sweet and a good size.

                                  My girlfriend was a bit hungry afterwards (they don't offer anything else with the lobster) even though we got sides of tomato and potato salad for $4 each. I was perfectly full though I did crack, snap and suck out every bit of lobster meat I could. I am definitely going again.


                              2. Malt 'n Salt fish and chips has a nice lunch special Mon-Thurs. of haddock and chips, drink or salad, $6. They promote haddock as a sustainable fishery.
                                They have a 4 piece (haddock) dinner special w/chips for $22

                                Malt N Salt
                                750 Oklahoma Dr, Pickering, ON L1W3G9, CA

                                1. i think the beaconsfield on queen west has a nightly "happy hour" type menu as well...mon- fri they have a special item from the menu w/ a pint of beer.

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                                    Are you sure?
                                    Under AGCO (formerly LLBO) regulations this seems illegal - prices can only change once in 24 hours and this would be a double-change - once to reduce the price for the 'happy hour' and a second time to put it back. The rule was designed specifically to prevent 'happy hour' pricing on alcohol (it might be legal on food but NOT in combination with an alcoholic beverage).

                                    1. re: estufarian

                                      Yes, the Beac has had this special for over a year. At the beginning it was pretty sweet, any pint was fine so I'd end up drinking a Stella and basically eating for free. But now it is sponsored I think by Amsterdam, and you have to get a pint of that. But the specials are tasty, and include mac and cheese, six oysters, fish and chips, potstickers...changes every day. I've written about this before - I think it's the best deal in town.

                                      1. re: childofthestorm

                                        they might be getting around the LCBO by not changing the price of the pint but changing the price of the accompanied food at least for accounting purposes.

                                        1. re: smr714

                                          that's what i would assume. too bad about the amsterdam though, it was nice to get a pint of leffe brun!