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Jun 30, 2008 07:17 AM

Local Source for goat's milk and cream?

I've been itching to make my own goat cheese (and possibly cream cheese) and was wondering where to get nice, fresh goat's milk and goat's cream? Eastern Mass preferred, but I'm willing to travel a bit if I have to (schlepping the cooler along.....).

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  1. I'm sooo disappointed....c'mon hounds, you ALWAYS come through........

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    1. re: Science Chick

      I'm pretty sure I just saw goat milk at Trader Joe's. They must sell it at Whole Foods (they sell goat yogurt there). No idea on the cream though. Sounds like a farm would be a better bet for that.

      1. re: Science Chick

        Here is a listing of local goat farms. Most of them seem to be small family operations - I would call around and see if any will sell milk directly. You could also try drumlin farm, and I have a vague memory of appleton farms having a goat project, although I could not find mention of it on their website. Let us know how it goes.

        As an aside, they may be more willing to sell for cheese - I don't know what the state requirements are, but they may not be legally allowed to sell unpasteurized milk, and most probably don't have pastuerizing facilities. They may feel more comfortable selling for cheese (although the FDA apparently feels that cheese made with unpasteurized milk is just as dangerous, and have historically banned the import of these cheeses... I think the rules have been relaxed more recently, however).

        1. re: tdaaa

          Drumlin Farm doesn't sell goat's milk. Goat meat, but no milk.


        i'm pretty sure they're milking goats here. also, at sophia's greek kitchen in belmont, they make greek yogurt with fresh goat's milk that's delivered to them weekly, maybe you could get in on that?

        good luck!

        1. Try giving Valley View Farm in Topsfield a call.

          BTW I tried their "New Meadow" cheese while strawberry picking at Russell's Orchards (nice prepared foods and snackable food in their case) and I'm hooked. It's like a slightly goaty brie. Totally delicious.

          Anyway, they don't mention milk for sale but they obviously have it!