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Jun 30, 2008 06:25 AM

Il Panino regrets

Someone recently posted about their horrible experience at Il Panino, and I was defending it.

Well, several of us were there this weekend per the birthday girl's request (not mine..I wanted to go to Rabias). Anyway, after a 25 minute wait we were seated at the patio (rather nice). Our server was pleasant and helpful, so no complaints there. But the menu's changed over the years. I used to love their tortelini with porcini longer on the menu...neither was their lobster ravioli, and a number of other dishes I used to enjoy there. Their prices seemed to have climbed quite a bit too. Especially after getting our meals - bland pesto, pasta from the box...blah. Such a waste of our money...epsecially knowing great food was so close by. Well, live and learn. Next time is my turn for the birthday meals...I know where I won't be going!

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  1. I have never been a real Il Panino fan... ate their once years ago and never returned.

    1. No lobster ravioli? That is the whole reason to go there! I was just there about a month ago and had my two favorites: lobster ravioli and the zucchini flower appetizer.

      1. The lobster ravioli isn't on the menu anymore? What a shame! I took my bf there last year when we were in town visiting my family and we both fell in love with the lobster ravioli. We thought it tasted like a pasta version of a creamy lobster bisque.

        It's too bad they have gone down hill. We were thinking of returning in a few weeks but with all the other restaurants in the North End we'll probably go elsewhere.

        1. We were there last night and the lobster ravioli was on the menu.

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            Hmm..I wonder if they change out the menu between lunch and dinner? Never thought of that.