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Jun 30, 2008 06:25 AM

Dinner Recommend Needed for Tmr Night!!!

Hi Chowhounds!

This is the brief: 2 of my closest friends just returned from a month in Hong Kong and have invited partner & i to dinner tommorow night. They know i am a wannabe-foodie so they have put the resto choice on me. Obviously while I would love to go for Chinese food, they were in HK so that's out. So is sushi, viet, and all other Asian cuisine. The trouble is partner and i eat mostly Asian food!! (lol) We need somewhere young, good-great food, a bit noisier (b/c we'll be a bit noisy ourselves) mid-price range. We are willing to ttc basically anywhere. Somewhere with character and not dressy, but not cheap eats either. My gfs aren't that adventurous when it comes to ethnic food so altho Ethiopian and Peruvian would be great, those wouldn't be optimum choices. Thinking college/queen street area but leslieville/yonge&eglington/front street are just as good. if the food is organically minded or locally sourced that is a plus but not required.
I appreciate ANY and ALL recommends!
thanks CH!

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  1. PS also wanted to mention- partner n i can't stand anywhere overly trendy or hipster, and no rude service. I can handle slow, relaxed or even brisk, detached service IF the food is worthwhile. No pretentious wannabe actor waiter type places please;) lol and thanks

    1. I suggest Gio Rana in Leslieville. I think it meets all of your criteria.

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      1. re: pescatarian

        I concur with pescatarian and in fact that was exactly what I was going to suggest before I read his reply. You can also try TORITO for tapas.

        1. re: zengirl18

          Torito is a great choice!

          Banu (Iranian vodka bar on Queen) might also be a fun choice. There's some "weird" stuff happening for the more adventurous eaters, but also some more straightforward kebabs, etc.

          1. re: Rabbit

            LOL. strangely enough i was thinking of going to Torito myself. Gio Ranna was in my top 10 as well;)! thanks guys!

      2. Tomorrow being July 1 Canada day I would check out if certain places are about the Drake Hotel on Queen West...Miranda

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          tomi kro in leslieville,
          or grace's on college