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Jun 30, 2008 06:25 AM


We will be spending 3 nights in Viareggio next week. Hotel has recommended Romano (also CH rec), L'Oca Bianca, Al Porto and Da Cicero. CH has also rec Il Punto Divino.
Can anyone please help here? Is it worth driving to Lorenzo at Forte Dei Marmi? Thanks!!

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  1. Since you've had no replies, I'll give you my opinion for what it's worth. In all of Italy, I think we had the worst food in Viareggio when we were there a few years ago. It's a very seaside-beachy-touristy town. We walked all over and were unable to find anything that looked even remotely promising. I am sure - I am absolutely sure - that we must have missed something. But we found it a particularly charmless place with very high prices for food that was pretty poor. Sorry to be such a downer. I hope, for your sake, I'm wrong.

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      I appreciate your honesty! Sometimes it's good to go somewhere with low expectations....

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        One hates to be a party pooper, but it just wasn't my cup of chianti. Why 3 nights?

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          Thought it would be a good base - we'll go to Cinque Terre one day, the next day go to Pisa one morning and then let the kids have an afternoon at the beach, and then on the 3rd day to Lucca (for lunch at Buca San Antonio) and on to Florence. I am not that concerned if we can't find great food there as we are going to eat SO well everywhere else (I hope!). i have a few recommendations to consider although something simple at the hotel terrace cafe (where at least the view is beautiful) may do,so we'll see! I'll be sure to report back.

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            My comments were based on a very short stay in Viareggio. Surely there are nice places to stay and eat - I hope you have a great time. At any rate, Italian beach culture is certainly fascinating, if nothing else!

    2. I lived in Viareggio for a couple months about 8 years ago, and there were plenty of good restaurants, mostly in the surrounding areas (towards Luca,etc). It is a tourist area for Italians. The one restaurant I remember the name of within the town was La Barca restaurant, it is on the far southern end of the beach. My ex Italian boyfriend and I returned a couple of times for the seafood risotto and whole fish with potatoes.
      I also remember that Pietrasanta had good restaurants, and that you had better luck finding something non-pretentious and Tuscan away from the beach in general, and in the mountains i.e. not Forte dei marmi which is very expensive.

      1. Camaiore also has a couple of places worth checking out - there's one I've not been to near the square (can't remember the name, but it begins with an L I think ...) and there's a great cafe which is on one of the main pedestrian roads leading to the square, but at the opposite end. It doesn't look like very much, but it's got a wood oven and cheap good food - we've been for lunch a few times, and have had good pasta and pizza and a great lemon veal dish. All really vague I'm afraid, but it is worth going there on spec and looking at one or two menus.

        1. We stayed in Viareggio last year for a couple of nights and the best meal we had there by far was at Romano. Nothing else was too memorable but we didn't travel out of the town limits during our limited stay. I'm sure you'll be able to find something. Have a great trip!

          1. Forte dei Marmi is a very pretty, upscale town to stroll. I have never eaten there. However, you are 18 minutes by train to Lucca where you can definitely get a great meal at a reasonable price. Viareggio is quite beautiful. Pisa is also close and has a plethora of good eating. Have a great trip.