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Jun 30, 2008 06:24 AM

Wildwood / Cape May

Similar to my previous post on Martha's Vineyard, we are driving down from NYC to Wildwood this weekend and we were wondering where the must-eats are in the area. Since this is our first visit, we are looking for something iconic, delicious, and quintessential Wildwood / Cape May. Something different from your typical NYC foodie fare or traditional french/new american restaurant. Thanks!

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  1. To me, quintessential Cape May is the Magnolia Room at the Chalfonte Hotel. There are many fine and not so fine restaurants in CM, and if you search this board you will find lots more info, but nobody mentions this homey spot with the oldfashioned cooking that takes you back to the turn of the previous century.

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      Whoops -forgot to mention my vote for the quintessential Wildwood dining spot -- Maui's Dog House on New Jersey Avenue near 8th Street.. Here's a thread:

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        I have to say, I tried Maui's for the first time on a recent trip and was pretty disappointed. The concept is great and on arrival, I was very excited and already thinking about return trips to try more things, but the dog itself was quite disappointing. My kids didn't like them plain, and the toppings didn't improve them all that much. I guess I just don't get it.

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          Guess that's what makes horse races. I eat my dogs plain, and I found theirs yummy.

    2. I grew up in South jersey and now live in Boston. I would drive out of my way to get the Old World Hoagie or any other sandwich at:

      Bonelli's Market
      4000 Pacific Ave
      Wildwood, NJ 08260
      (609) 522-5118

      I've gone to Cape May every summer for the past 20 years...While there are some very good restaurants, there's nothing offering unusual fare typical to the area that you couldn't get in NYC. In fact I think CM is in a culinary dry spell these days as compared to 5 or 6 years ago.That said I've had consistently good food with a local flair done creatively at the Blue Pig Tavern.

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        Sorry...wrong animal....I meant the BLACK DUCK on Sunset as being consistently good with a local flair...Blue Pig is OK for lunch but average for dinner.

      2. Thanks for all your responses. After reading all the other threads, we will definitely check out Maui's, Magnolia Room, Sharky's, Russo's, Curley's, and Britton's Bakery. What do you recommend for ice cream?

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          For a different place, try The Ugly Mug in the outdoor mall area. Not fancy, but it's a fun place. The ice cream places are ok, nothing stands out as wonderful.

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            It's a horrible tourist trap and I would never eat the food, but the ice cream at Duffers in Wildwood Crest is actually quite good. In particular, they do some of the best waffles and ice cream I've ever had anywhere, and waffles and ice cream is certainly a quintessential shore dessert.