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Jun 30, 2008 06:14 AM

Momofuku Ko wine pairing

I am planning on sharing a wine pairing between my wife and I. We are not looking to get sloshed but would like have enough wine to enjoy the meal. It's worked out very well at other tasting menus we've done, enough wine to enjoy the food because often a full pour is too much after 10 courses. But this is Momofuku Ko so who the hell knows what the "rules" are. Is it doable or advisable to go this route?

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  1. The wine pours are not full pours. In contrast to, say, Per Se where I was wasted by the end of the meal, I was merely buzzed at Ko. Also, you and your wife will sometimes received different dishes and different wines accordingly. If you can part with the extra $50/$85/$150, I'd recommend that each of you order the pairings.

    1. i would also recommend NOT getting the $50 wine pairing. i was completely disappointed by the potpourri infused and exceptionally sweet (dare I say saccharine) selections chosen to accompany my meal two weeks ago.

      On the other hand, aside from one anomalous misstep with a strange dessert of avocado and flan, the food was universally exceptional. The ethereal soft boiled egg with roe and pickled vegetables still lingers on my palette. Enjoy !

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        I was satisfied with the $85 pairing. We were already familiar with many of the wines/sakes/beers therein, but they were all good picks.

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          the dessert is flan now? Sure that wasn't the cereal milk pana cotta with avocado cream? I thought that was fantastic and original.

          I had the $50 pairing and was happy enough with it. I was there for the food first and foremost. Also, another $35 a person just wasn't in the cards (or wallet I guess)

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            yes, thank you for the correct description of the dessert. Unfortunately all 3 of my dining companions formed a consensus during our visit: the panna cotta was horrible - the avocado completely detracted from the rest of the plate, the heath bar type topping too sweet. panna cotta should be silky and luxurious. Not firm and flat (hence why i thought it was flan).

            Maybe it was an off night.

            In regards to the original post, our server at Ko even suggested that we split wine pairings. I do not think it should be an issue.

        2. share a wine pairing? this is sure to annoy the restaurant. Its not that much and Ko is not a place many will get to often, why not just go for it. Or just order a nice bottle of wine and be done with the pairing. Frankly, I would rather than have one nice bottle of wine, focus on the food, than have several mid range wines that may or all that relevatory on their own...

          1. I actually really enjoyed the $50 dollar wine pairing, even as I was stealing sips from my brother's $150 pairing. I don't know the etiquette about sharing, but I, unlike, jakew8 was well beyond buzzed by the end of my meal. Maybe I'm a lightweight, but I'm pretty sure I could have shared and still been happy.

            1. I think the "middle" pairing route ($85) is quite good and will not leave you "wasted." Have not tried the other routes, but I thought the wines served in quantity and quality were solid for the price.

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                We went pretty early on, I think they were only offering the $50 at that point. My boyfriend is not a huge wine drinker and we had a 9:45ish res so I didn't really think I could drink the full pairing and still stay awake!! They were really great and gave me I think just the ones that were really outstanding. Three if I remember correctly (including the starting sparkinling) Definately had the amazing sauvignon blanc (that I am totally blanking on the name, but it is made with skins so is darker)

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                  I think you are referring to one of the Scholium wines...

                  1. re: David W

                    Ah yes!!! now that its a proper hour of the day I remember.

                    Thanks for the link! I was totally forgetting the spelling