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Jun 30, 2008 06:00 AM

OC Sushi (In need of Big Fusion Rolls/Cucumbr wrapped)

Im taking my gf to dinner tonight and she is a fusion fan so any suggestions on places in or around Irvine with BIG fusion rolls and if you knoww of any place that does a roll wrapped in cucumber instead of rice could you let me know.......thanks alo guys

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  1. Can't help with the cucumber wrap,

    but me and my gf go up to the irvine area for sushi quite a bit

    for Fusion rolls I'd look at
    WASA sushi (couple of locations in the irvine area) or
    Riptide sushi in Mission Viejo

    both these places do a lot of interesting rolls and I feel the quality of the product is very good and consistent.

    Maki Maki sushi at the Irvine spectrum does a lot of crazy rolls but I would say I like Wasa and riptide better.

    There is also RA sushi at the District in Tustin (similar in to the other two I just havent been.)

    If you want something a little more upscale (and more expensive) you could do Blue Fin sushi near Laguna beach. They do a lot of innovative sushi and I feel the quality of the fish is really good.

    Well thats my two cents for fusion places

    Check out the websites and have fun.

    1. Most sushi places will do a roll using cucumber as the wrapper if you ask them to.
      As for creative rolls, you may want to check out this new place in Costa Mesa called Irezumi. I have not been, but it sounds like they take fusion rolls to a different level based on this review from the OC Weekly.

      Bluefin is great, but probably not what you looking for, it is not really a "roll" place

      Wasa would probably be a good choice

      1. My favorite for amazing rolls is Mahe in Seal Beach.