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Jun 30, 2008 05:54 AM

Do grilled vegetables freeze OK?

I made a large amount of grilled veggies (mostly yellow squash and zuc) and am getting sick of eating them.

Will they freeze OK?

If not, any ideas what to do with them (besides salads or sandwiches).



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  1. Yeah, but you'll lose a lot of the crunchiness. I grilled a bunch of veg and froze them for a later catering job. I used them in a pasta salad and they were ok. No one complained. I've also used them on grilled pizza. I wouldnt eat them alone though, too soggy.

    1. Wrap them up carefully -- I would use plastic wrap or freezer Press and Seal and put them in a freezer bag with all the air squeezed out. They should do fine for a few weeks.

      1. I'd put them in a jar or container with olive oil and some spices and garlic. They'll keep for qute a while that way and you can use them as an addition to salad, pasta or pizza. Or as an antipasto.