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Jun 30, 2008 04:35 AM

Belly Clams

Anyone seen good steamers around? Where? (for cooking at home)

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  1. I've asked this before on this post. Seems like to only place to get them is at Wegman's. I've seen them in the Hunt Valley store but haven't gotten them yet. My question would be whether one needs to let them purge in cold saltwater before cooking. I'm thinking of battering and frying them a la New England.

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      Saw some nice clams at Great Wall on Gallows Road. No pun intended.

      1. re: Montebello

        I had the whole belly fried clams at Skippers Pier in Deale MD, they have them both ways, steamed or fried.

      2. The best source I've found for them is Finestkind ( which brings them into the area (along with lobsters and shrimp) 3x a year.

        I have always let them sit a while in cold water with some cornmeal to help clean out the sand, but I don't know that you "need" to do that (or even how much difference it makes).

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          wow and you can order a bag of 60+ for just 27 bucks...thanks!