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Jun 30, 2008 04:02 AM

No Peas!!!!

Went to the market under the JFX yesterday, found the Pea Man, and guess more peas this year :( I did see one other vendor selling a mix of english, sugar, and snow, but passed em up...I guess I didn't realize the season was so short!

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  1. He had a limited amount yesterday morning -- I got a pound, but it was right at 7 and he didn't have a lot. He did have okra, which I got. He also had tomatoes, but I got some last week and wasn't in love with them, so I got some from a different vendor.

    There's lot of lovely veggies still around. I got some snow peas as well.

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    1. re: JonParker

      I actually bought tomatoes from them yesterday and found them not as good as the ones I bought from them last week.

      Until the Middle River guys have tomatoes, I assume that most at the market will be less than stellar. Speaking of which, has anyone ever bought tomatoes from that vendor in Monkton? I did once, and once only, and found them expensive and flavorless.

      Anyway, back to the peas, please: I did talk to them, and they said that limas will be in in August. (And, this vendor as singlehandedly turned me into a lima bean eater so I can't wait to try them again!)

      1. re: baltoellen

        I did buy them from the vendor in Monkton but haven't eaten them yet. They were expensive.

        Can't wait for lima beans.

        1. re: JonParker

          I was never a pea person until his peas. Just absolutely delicious.

          I'll try the lima beans with good faith. How do you guys recommend having the lima beans? (I boil the peas and then add a little parm and butter)

          1. re: Wangus

            I get some fresh dill from the folks who always have lovely, generous bunches of fresh herbs and boil them and then do dill/butter. Sometimes I throw in a little feta instead of butter. Or add some tomatoes as well and then toes it with some orzo. . . yum. I bought his tomatoes this week and was quite happy with them.

    2. Peas HATE hot weather - more than most of you do! Okra and tomatoes love it!
      That's what they mean by "seasonal" produce when you're buying "local."
      Local tomatoes will start getting really good after the 4th of July unless they're from South of here.
      a Vegetable Gardener