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Jun 30, 2008 03:52 AM

Need recommendations for yummy seafood buffets in North Myrtle Beach

Going to be in North Myrtle Beach next week-
Any recommendations for good seafood buffets would be appreciated!


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  1. Hi, Judy. I will call friends in N. Myrtle and get the scoop.

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    1. If you want really good seafood I would not go to a buffet. For a $27 to $35 buffet you can get a great meal at places like Divine Fish House, Sea Captain, etc.

      If you are looking for quantity versus quality, however, I would recommend Original Benjamin's on Restaurant Row. Also -- you can go to and get a discount certificate for this restaurant. Buffet runs around $27 and you can get a $25 certificate for about $4 (look for discount codes on line).

      1. Well, as a SC native with parents who've lived at the coast for years, I have to tell you that "yummy" and "seafood buffets" are pretty much mutually exclusive. :)

        If you want good seafood, go to a real restaurant where they care how the food is prepared and where you have a good chance of getting fresh, local catch, not frozen, pre-breaded stuff.

        If you're willing to drive just a little bit straight down Hwy 17, Murrell's Inlet has several great choices, and the quality is in a totally different league from a buffet.

        There is a thread from Sat. or Sun. with several Murrell's Inlet recs.

        Good luck!

        1. Unless you want crab legs, (if you want to eat crab legs, it is worth it even if it is $25 or more) buffets are usually sad, they just can't really keep the food hot. There is a little seafood joint in Little River SC, on the water.
          Crab Catchers
          Waterfront Drive
          It is a great little local place, for raw bar, seafood, wings, beer etc. Or I would cross the NC/SC border and go to Calabash and eat at the Seafood Hut or Ella's across the street. Have a great trip!