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J.P, Roslindale, West Roxbury Chinese Food?

Well, I and my co-workers have just endured another miserable, tasteless, ultra-greasy Chinese food delivery (this time from Imperial Garden in Rozzie Square, horrible and missing half the condiments!) and we're growing increasingly desperate. Are there no good Chinese places around here?!?
Help out a few really hungry, really frantic healthcare workers and give us some hope!

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  1. Not much great Chinese out here, but I tend to lean towards Triple Eatery on Cummins Hwy for quick takeout. It's not great but it does the trick. The one on the corner of Corinth and Washington Street (is that Imperial Garden? I think so) ranks as one of my worst Chinese experiences ever - tasteless, bland, etc. I think they cater mainly to the french fries and chicken wings crowd.

    Food Wall in JP tends to get good reviews, but I've never been. If Sichuan Garden in Brookline Village is within range (not sure if they deliver or how late they are open), that's a sure bet for authetic, excellent Sichuan cuisine.

    There is a new place opening soon on South Street in Rozzie probably this week called Hong Kong 888 something or other. When I stopped by today for a menu, they didn't have one yet, but they were prepping some food and it smelled pretty good in there. Don't know if it will be anything special or just more lousy Chinese takeout.

    1. Spring Garden near the Home Depot in West Rox isn't too bad. The folks are very nice. Don't confuse it with the place it used to be--(name, anyone?) It was awful!

      In Putterham Circle, Mandarin Gourmet is good.

      But sadly, nothing is very good in this area!

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        Before it was Spring Blossom, it was "Hunan Pagoda".

      2. Top Taste in Roslindale on Belgrade Ave has some really great take out and surprisingly the pad thai is really good as well.

        1. don't know about roslindale or west roxbury, but there's really no good chinese in j.p.. food wall is not bad for what it is--namely, take-out americanized chinese. we've had mixed experience with sichuan garden in brookline--pretty decent eating in, pretty poor takeout, but haven't been often enough to be confident in our assessment.

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            Food Wall sucks. I was one of those originally enamored w it, because it's so freakin cheap but honestly you really do get what you pay for there....the ingredients are cheap and though you get a lot, it's really not very good. last time i got a chicken dish it was rubbery, grisly and just generally unappetizing...ugh. won't go back there unless i'm having a craving for greasy chicken fingers some day. that, they do well.

          2. Bamboo in Dedham is very good but they don't deliver.

            1. Mandarin Gourmet is ok. Bamboo in Dedham and Golden Abacus in Norwood are good, but outside your geographic limit.

              1. Has anyone tried Hong Kong 888 yet in Roslindale? It's brand new I heard so I'm curious,

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                  I hade the HK 888, ordered yu shiang chicken and scallion pancakes the other night, and about two weeks ago tried their general tso's chicken and peking rav's. I did not like the general tso's, as it tasted like fryolater oil and had like 1 piece of brocolli in it. Ravs were ok. Yu Hsiang chicken was actually quite nice, as the vegetables were clearly nice and fresh and abundant....a pretty solid entree. The scallion pancakes were good as well, but nothing to amazing. We stopped ordering from my previous favorite triple eatery, as they seem to be going downhill as of late (they used to be good, and freindlier), they stopped giving out hot mustard for a very long time (which I hate, I love that mustard) and now give out the kind that comes in ketchup packets......it's awful. All in all I would give a thumbs up to HK888 for now, but mostly because they give me mustard!

                2. gourmaniac pointed out to me the other day that king fung has an outpost on rt 9 a block or so down from la morra. haven't been, but that might be worth checking out.

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                    West Garden in West Roxbury has absolutely no atmosphere so it can be easily overlooked, but if you get takeout from there I think you'll find it fine. They have a chicken and ginger dish that rocks. Haven't had it in a year or so, but the last few times I had it, it was just chock full of slabs of ginger. Wow.
                    I also like Bamboo in Dedham.

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                      We too have longed for good Chinese in this neighborhood, only to be disappointed by gloppy tributes to corn starch and stale fry oil flavoring.

                      Golden House on Washington Street (near Branelly's) has proven to be pretty good. The stuff tastes fresh and they are generous (particularly with shrimp). Be warned -- they don't take credit cards.

                  2. It wasn't great, but my favorite place for Chinese in this area was the now defunct Tai Ho. I've been searching for a new place ever since, so thanks for starting the topic. Food Wall fell way short. I keep meaning to try Mandarin in Brookline - I have to think that being in Brookline will mean that it's at least not abhorrent like so much other area Chinese options. I haven't tried Triple Eatery even though they are right around the corner, but it sounds like they are going down hill? Guess I'll check out the new HK 888, so please continue to post your impressions.

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                      I live in JP, and a friend who lives in Roslindale told me she makes the trek to Bernard's at Chestnut Hill Mall. I haven't been so can't comment but I usually trust her recs, so that may be a spot to try.

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                        Mandarin Garden at Putterham Circle is by no means abhorrent but is pretty generic. Good hot and sour. I live nearby, but usually go to Fortune Panda on Rt 9 - pretty good for the $ - or Noodle House in Newton Center.