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Jun 29, 2008 11:40 PM

Figs in Manhattan?

Hi everybody!

Do you like figs? Are you having any luck finding them? I have not seen them in Chinatown yet. Have you? Is it b/c it is not the right season yet? Where have you seen them and how much are the vendors charging you for it?

I want to find a place that will sell me by the crate... or cheap if I have to buy one tiny pint at a time. I am addicted to that stuff.

Of course I don't know much about its nutritional values but haha, it tastes so good! Info would be deliciously gobbled up and much appreciated.

Another question for all you wonderful foodies! What is your favorite fruit and why? Can you ever just eat one?

Thanks! :)

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  1. I just got some fresh figs from Fairway (74th St.). They are a treat -- at 4 figs for $2.

    1. Hi:

      Please keep the replies focused on where to find figs in Manhattan, as a discussion of your favorite fruit is off topic.


      1. There's guy who runs a small fruitstand at the corner of 14th and 5th who seems to have an endless supply of black figs.

        There are also a surprising number of wild fig trees sprinkled throughout the city. I won't divulge where, since getting ripe ones off the tree before others get them is hard enough as is. I'm just saying - keep your eyes open!

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          I think I bought it from him or another fruit vendor on 14th and 3rd or 2nd Ave. 1 quart for $4, but by the time I got to them 3 days later, a lot were already moldy! I have to eat it sooner next time..grr

          1. re: xigua

            Thanks everybody for your much appreciated info!! Got a few boxes and am enjoying them now, YAYS!!

            Umm,, is it normal for my tongue to be all tingly? Haha, I sure am having a bunch!

        2. Walk down 6th, 7th or 8th Ave. from about 45th to Central Park and you'll pass at least five vendors on each street selling figs. Cheap (for New York) - $2.99 a basket seems to be the going rate.

          1. They carry pints at Garden of Eden on 14th st. Haven't had any of theirs though.

            I've also been looking for them in Chinatown during the past week -- haven't seen them yet.

            Best, ripest figs I ever bought in Manhattan were from a fruit stand near St. Vincent's Hospital, vicinity of 7th ave & Greenwich. But haven't been in the neighborhood this season, so not sure if there's even a stand there currently.