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Jun 29, 2008 11:26 PM

Da Kitchen in San Diego?

We went to the location in Maui several times last summer. Picked up a to-go menu and noticed a location was listed in San Diego. Heading to SD from LA and hoped to stop there.

I did a Google search and it looks like this location is history and has been replaced by another Hawaiian-style restaurant. Is this accurate? If so, why did the San Diego location of Da Kitchen close? How is the new place and how does it compare to Da Kitchen?


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  1. For explanation and links to other reports on the place, go to:

    It sounds like it is still one of the best options in SD for Hawaiian grinds.

    1. DA Kitchen has changed their name, but same owner. It is now called Mo's Island Grinds I only tried food from the Da Kitchen once, but it was awhile ago. From what I read from Yelp, the change is a hit or miss. I think their Korean Chicken is fabulous.

      Mo's Island Grinds
      9823 Carrol Canyon Road, San Diego, CA