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Jun 29, 2008 10:59 PM

Best Coffee Beans in Toronto?

I'm visiting Toronto for a month and am searching for the best coffee beans in the city. My casual search of previous posts turned up "Merchants of Green Coffee". Is that still the best place in TO for killer beans?

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  1. For green beans, I think they are the best. I don't know if they sell roasted beans however.

    1. I am roasting some right at this moment! I love them. You can buy them already roasted, but where's the fun in that? ;-) I also find that they roast them too long for my liking, but that is strictly my personal taste.

      1. I Deal Coffee is pretty good, you can also check out Dark City Coffee. They only do delivery, but I still find them the best ( You can try their coffee at Kalendar on College.

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          Manic Coffee on College just east of Bathurst is really worth trying...Miranda

        2. Birds and Beans at 2413 Lakeshore Ave. West
          and Greenbeanery, 565 Bloor St. West at Brunswick, should be on your itinery too.

          1. Fantastic! Thanks for the advice everyone. It should be a well caffeinated visit!