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Jun 29, 2008 08:45 PM

Harbor View Cafe (WI) or Nosh Restauarnt (MN)?

have you been to either? which one would you choose? (lunch or dinner)

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  1. IIRC, there is a bakery (Rabbit's Bakery) opening up next door to Nosh that will serve lunch and Nosh will focus on dinner.

    We ate at Nosh over Easter and were impressed with our meals. They stay open and tough it out during the winter until the warm weather and sailboats return.

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    1. re: NordeastB

      ah, i didn't know Nosh will focus on dinner - we haven't decided whether to go for lunch or dinner yet (we're in Rochester).

      glad you had a good meal there!

    2. They are very different. Harborview has generous portions of fairly heavy food with pretty strong flavors, (lots of wine reductions and cream/butter) a hustle bustle atmosphere and casual dress is almost exclusively worn.

      Nosh is quieter and more low key, you see more skirts and long pants. The food is more delicate and I think more thoughtfully prepared. Portions are smaller.

      Both are very good, its just more what you have a hankerin fer.

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      1. re: chrisinroch

        thanks for pointing out the differences!

        haha, my husband is leaning towards harbor view while i like the sound of nosh better... guess we'll have to make 2 separate trips :)

      2. Definate Harborview ... Nosh may be good but sitting on the porch / sidewalk at Harborview is one of my fav orite memeories of that area. Also last months gourmet magazine had a great article on the whole area including Nelson, Alma, Pepin, Hudson, and Lake city. Well written.

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            What month did the article come out? I didn't see the article and I am trying to find it in my collection, but am coming up empty. It was Gourmet magazine? thanks.