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Jun 29, 2008 08:42 PM

Swiftwater PA? Where to eat?

I',m from the Toronto Chow community and will soon be working for a LONG time in Swiftwater PA. Would appreciate recommendations about decent places to eat in the environs, and also Philly.

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  1. I am not familiar with places in Swiftwater, but in Pocono Lake there is a decent German restaurant called Edelweiss. Further west on Rt. 940 is the Blakeslee Inn, probably the best in the area. Also in Blakeslee, on Rt. 115 is Murphy's Loft. It is good for lunch and its swimming pool is available for those dining there. A little further in Lake Harmony is Louie's Prime for steak plus Shenanigan's for a burger and beer/coke. We have been meaning to try the Hampton Court Inn in Mt. Pocono, the next town over from Swiftwater, but haven't had the chance to get there yet. There are quite a few restaurants in Mt. Pocono and Pocono Summit but haven't been to any in recent years. Hope this is a start.

    1. I was relocated from Philadelphia to work at sanofi pasteur in Swiftwater back in October 2006. I'm still working on site and all I can say to you foodwise is good luck. There is a decent sushi place a little past Barley Creek Brewpub (Note: Barley Creek should be avoided [$17.99 for sub par fish & chips?!]). And there beer is unimpressive save the Rescue IPA which is passable.
      The best meal I had in the area over 2 years that I worked there was the broiled salmon with asparagus at Longhorn.


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        Thanks Chinon for your response, sorry for the late reply - what a coincidence :) I'm working as a contractor at Sanofi too - the only employer in Swiftwater aside from the gas station! My "every-second-week" schedule didn't pan out, I do remote work from the Toronto site, and so far I've only spent one week in Swiftwater - in Sept., staying in East Stroudsburg where getting someting to eat after 9 p.m. means the Irish pub - which isn't bad if you pick judiciously - the grilled trout was fine and came with lots of al dente veg and decent mash. But our French colleagues, coming as they do from Lyon the gastronomic capital of France looked like they'd hit culinary hell as they perused the pub grub menu. The deep fryer works hard in that place. Service was very good. I also tried Sarah Street Grill where I had a steak, and it was fine. College girls were cranking out sushi at the bar downstairs.... which seemed very popular with the local crowd but I'm saving for a SERIOUS sushi spend in Vancouver. Another night I tried the Stone Bar Inn, sat on the covered patio. I honestly can't remember precisely what I had, only that both appetizer and main dish (duck confit in an overpowering lake of Vietnamese fish sauce with mashed potatoes and about a dozen other things....) were a bit of a car crash, too many flavours and textures all fighting each other. The best thing was the mild salsa garnish made with local tomatoes - I would have been happy with a whole dish of that! Based on hype about the chef, I was hoping this place would be geared towards simple fresh local stuff, but it's as though the kitchen drops acid all morning and by dinnertime the menu is a psychadelic mess. But it's a nice place, with great service, although the interior is terribly gloomy and reminiscent of a older generation's "special night out" where low lights, tinkly elevator muzak and lots of wood panneling brings on that "life is good" ambience.
        I'm due back in November sometime, so if you're still on site perhaps we could root out somewhere decent?

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          We discovered the new Japanese restaurant that opened on 611. The name is Shiro and they offer excellent sushi.

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            If you like German food, try Jagermeister in Mountainhome. Its not too far away and their food is really good.


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              Heheh, I haven't been to Stone Bar yet but I am also working at the Sanofi Swiftwater site during the week and your experience sounds exactly like the experience I had at the Crescent Lodge which reminded me of a fancy romper room with ancient panels, and terribly piano-ized music. Both the server and the waitress were older than dirt, and while the menu was attempting to be contemporary, I thought the food we got was sub par for the $30 price tag. Then again, I come from Chicago where $30 entree means serious bidness. I look forward to trying the other restaurants on the list and I'm going to Shiro with the coworkers tomorrow. If Shiro is all that it promises which is "hibachi, dancing, drinks" and puts on good show, I will be elated (I'm not expecting much in quality from a hibachi place).

          2. I hear you KitchenVoodoo! An bunch of us well-traveled transplants have been searching high and low in this area and I have a list of places for you to try:

            Settlers Inn, Hawley, farm-to-table menu loves beer and wine pairings.

            Hotel Fauchere, Milford, seriously, so sophisticated and sexy, buffalo frog legs and truffle french fries? Very Modern. (Delmonico Room & Bar Louie)

            Soni's Flour Shop, Stroudsburg, right off of Main Street, just opened. She actually makes her own croissants and authentic pastries (like the kind my French grandmother buys when we travel through France).

            Blakeslee Inn, although I have not been to the restaurant yet, I did attend a private home dinner where their chef prepared a knock out 5-course dinner that accompanied a vertical wine tasting. He used to be the chef for the Governor.

            Saen Thai, Shawnee-On-Delaware, Everyone goes crazy for this place, they are open for lunch and dinner. Not fancy decor, but authentic flavors.

            Frogtown Inn & Six Acres Restaurant, up in Mountain Home, a little closer to your work, and on par with Stone Bar (take that as you like).

            Adirondack's Edge, restaurant and lounge on 715 in Swiftwater. Very serious cocktail list, serious foodie created the menu, website is homemade.

            In the town of Delaware Water Gap are a couple options:
            1) Deer Head Inn, great jazz music, and good wholesome food
            2) Antelao, little mom&pop in a house, can seat 20 people maxium, you need a reservation. Chef Michael cooks and his lively wife Elvie waits of the guests, it is BYOB.
            3) For a drink/cocktail and good pub food is Sycamore Grill.

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              Thank you SO much for such a great list! I will share this information with my many colleagues who go down to Swiftwater much more frequently than I do, and I will certainly explore as many places as I can next time I'm there.
              Of everything listed, what is your personal favourite, and why?

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                Yes there are few and far betweens ,however I hear there is good news on the horizon , a few local foodies doing underground dinners ,so get your ear close to the ground haha

                Also there is an artisan baker that lives local, from what I hear of four star quality ,going to selling at the farmers market in Stroudsburg come May, With quite a resume in the whose who world of food, so good thing come to those who wait, until then grab a burger

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                  KitchenVoodoo. Sorry it took a tear to respond to your post--I need to change my preferences in CHOW. Since last fall Adirondack's Edge and Deer Head Inn have dropped off my list for chow choices. A.E. went out of business and Deer Head lost it's chef.

                  A new place that just opened also in Shawnee-on-Delaware is called The Gem and Keystone. Seasonal cuisine with a tavern feel. The Gem is really a conduit to get the new ShawneeCraft handcrafted heirloom ales out to the public. This place feels a little like Portland, OR in how they use their own beer in many of the dishes.

                  If I had to choose from that original list that I gave you , however, I would go with The Bar Louis at the Hotel Fauchere and The Settler's Inn as my current favorite indulgences.

                  A new website for foodies in the region just did a quiet launch and is attempting to profile and identify the places that are worth the calories. They cover NY, NJ and PA along the Delaware River.

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. I recently had dinner at Pangea Restaurant.They are on Rt 611 near Swiftwater.
                  They primarily have Indian cuisine. If you like Indian food, this place is not far from Sanofi. Very good decor and service. I was told that they have changed their menu completely but I have not been there before. Great Tandoori and vegetarian choices.
                  It is reasonably priced and the food was very flavorful. I would certainly give this place a shot.
                  They have a lunch buffet for $9.95 as well.