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Jun 29, 2008 07:57 PM


I am from Portland/ Beaverton area originally, and have not been back in awhile. I know there are a TON of wonderful restaurants in Portland itself (and PLEASE list the TOP 5 right now, if you all could)....

BUT... One of my parents said they don't want to eat downtown (she's got arthritis and doesn't want to drive much)... So I wondered if ANYONE knew of a GREAT couple of restaurants in Beaverton, Washington Square area, Lake Oswego, etc....

I know this is a challenge, because great restaurants don't gravitate toward Beaverton, I know this.

HELP - I really need answers!!! :)

We'll be there July 5 - 7th and then down to the Oregon Coast.
Any suggestions at the Oregon Coast, too, would be great!!

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  1. Yes this is a BIG challenge. I've been trying to find a good restaurant in this area for years - my mother is also there. I have yet to find anything remotely good. To get a response, perhaps you should change your headline to include the area??? My fingers are crossed that there really is a hidden gem...

    1. At the Beaverton Round there is Typhoon! for Thai food. If that doesn't fit the bill there is also the Italian themed Mingo.

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        My top 5 in Portland are

        Sel Gris
        Ken's Pizza

        I was going to say Wildwood for the fifth but thought about how much I enjoy going by Ken's, so I put it there.

        I have not been to a restaurant called Alba Osteria but many like it and I hope to get by there at some point. It is close to the Beaverton and Lake O area I think. The is a poster here named Jill-O who seems to know not only Portland very well but the areas you mention also, perhaps she can chime in.

        For the coast, I don't really know. Maybe if the Nehalem River Inn is open for dinner you might enjoy a sit down there.

        Enjoy the trip.

      2. Not far from Beaverton, near Hillsdale is Alba Osteria, a truly great Piedmontese Italian place. It's the best in the area by far:

        Mingo in the Round in Beaverton is a good choice.

        DeCarli is a relatively new place in Beaverton, I haven't been there:

        Not in downtown or the Pearl, but over the hill (NW Thurman and 17th), is Carlyle (one of my top 3 in town. Great food and fabulous service.

        Where on the coast? Search around there have been a lot of threads about places on the coast.