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Jun 29, 2008 07:54 PM

Ice Cream Favorites?

I'm going to finally use my ice cream maker for the first time, any favorite recipes?

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  1. Buttermilk and lemon, mmmm-mm. Check

    1. Wickedly chocolate ice cream

      Lemon buttermilk sorbet from epicurious, amen!

      Lemon buttermilk ice cream. Take the epicurious buttermilk ice cream recipe, add lemon and zest.

      Lemon ice cream. Take very rich vanilla ice cream recipe. Remove vanilla. Rub the sugar into organic lemons until it is YELLOW with oil. Finely chopping lemon zest does not compare!!! Add juice to custard to taste.

      1. I recommend getting a copy of David LEbowitz's The Perfect Scoop. You can find enough recipes from the book online if you want to try a couple first. Aside from recipes, I found it helped me think a lot more creatively about toppings and add-ins, etc. Favourites from the book: toasted almond, butter pecan, vanilla, fresh ginger stracciatella, malted milk.

        And whatever recipes you end up making, OBEY THE GUIDELINES IN THE INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL when it comes to freezing. If it says freeze cannister for 24 hours, it really means 24 hours. Longer if your freezer is super-full. Similarly, chill your ice cream mixes fully too. I've learnt this the hard way...