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Jun 29, 2008 07:06 PM

Farmers' Markets in Westchester open on Sunday?

Anyone know of any? We'll be away for our usual Saturday one this weekend and I'd love to catch one on Sunday... TIA.

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  1. The new Farmers' Market in Pelham is open Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m...It is on Fifth & Harmon near the train station. (The Artisanal Cheesemakers stand is a knock out!)...check a previous post on this subject submitted on June 18th: 'Pelham Gets a Farmers Market'.

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    1. re: gutreactions

      Cool, thanks!

      I also discovered Nyack has one on Thursdays, so that might work too.

      1. re: gutreactions

        We checked out the farmer's market in Pelham and the Cheese Place was not there. Therefore, I don't know if it is worth a trip unless you live very close by. There were only about six vendors at this thing. OK if you live in the area.

      2. I found this great list of farmers' markets in the area...hope it helps!

        1. Stone Barns' farmers market is Friday and Sunday.

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            And you get to pay $5 parking for the privilege of going.

          2. I think I read that Muscoot Farm (is that officially Somers? Yorktown?) has a farmers market now on Sundays. Haven't been--

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              Has anyone been to the Muscoot market yet? I keep trying to get there but end up with other plans (and this week will be no different).

            2. There's a small farmers' market in downtown Rye on Sundays in the parking lot behind Chase.

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                what are the hours of the rye market?

                1. re: mrbeachy

                  ill answer my own question- its 830 am-2pm on sundays thru 11-23. the ny state dept of agriculture and markets lists every market in all 62 ny state counties on its web site.