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Jun 29, 2008 07:00 PM

Kaplan's Star Deli - Meat, meat and more meat (Vancouver)

I thought I would take a break from my usual Asian dining and go for something a bit different (for me, anyway). My wife suggested "deli" and I immediately thought of Kaplan's.

Kaplan's isn't exactly "chowish" in price and ambiance. It is, however, definitely a one-stop shop for all the Jewish deli meat favorites. You can even get a sort of a sampler plate called the Triplet, where you can have three meats (corned beef, pastrami, and chopped liver) on mini challah buns. The Triplet is what I decided to order. My wife had a Montreal Smoked Meat (flown in once a week) sandwich which had a generous helping of meat. The sandwiches were filling and the coleslaw was excellent.

The prices are a little high ($9-$13 range) compared to an authentic deli like Schwartz's in Montreal where they charge about $5 for the same sandwich. hit the spot.


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  1. I stumbled across this place a couple of months back. I had the montreal smoked meat to go. It was so good I brought my wife there the next day!

    It was the first time I did not mind paying $9+ for a sandwich with almost no sides.

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    1. re: kwailan4

      I agree with the price analysis -- always makes me gulp a bit but the quality is very high. Another thing to try if you do want a side is their potato salad. It is my favourite potato salad ever -- just spuds, creamy mayo, I'm thinking some shredded carrot for crunch. No egg, celery, green pepper or onion. But lotsa comfort foody flavour. Not cheap but vvg IMO.

    2. Kaplans generally speaking is a pretty lame excuse for deli in vancouver. Shwartzs however great it is has not been 5.00 for a long long long time.

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      1. re: bigeaterjustin

        I agree that as a deli it is in-authentic (I alluded to that in my original post). The products are good, though, IMO.

        The previous incarnation of Kaplan's (ie the previous owners - the actual Kaplan family, was the real deal. I get the feeling, however, that the current owner (an transplanted American from Cleveland) sees this restaurant as a labour of love. As such - they do a pretty good job - albeit with high prices. My opinion, of course.

        On Schwartz's website, it claims that a smoked meat sandwich is currently $5.20. I haven't been in ages, so any current pricing information contrary to the website would be great.