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Jun 29, 2008 05:47 PM

London - markets and restaurants in Islington

We're relocating to London for four months starting in August '08. We'll be living in Islington near Maccelsfield Road. Any suggestions on where to shop and eat?

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  1. I'll get this started.

    The Marquess is a great gastropub.

    Sasa Sushi is a decent, everyday sushi joint.

    The Islington farmers market on Sundays is small but reasonably stocked if you get there early.

    1. Hi Jayne-

      I also relocated to London last year, and I live very close to where you'll be. The area is great for food! I get all of my vegetables delivered from Riverford (
      and I sometimes buy a meat box from them as well. Otherwise I buy my meat from James Elliott butcher on Essex Road. If I'm buying for a treat I go to Ginger Pig at Borough or in Marleybone.
      I do my day to day shopping for dairy/pantry goods at Sainsbury, and I also buy my fruit there. I just found out that there will be a Waitrose opening next door to Sainsbury soon, and I'm eager for that to happen.

      Good luck with your move!!

      1. I'd back up the recommendation for the Marquess Tavern.

        I would also recommend Steve Hatt on Essex Road; it's a great fishmongers. One of the best in London.

        Macclesfield Road is nearer to Hoxton and Shoreditch than Angel I think. There's a few places round there worth mentioning. Cru restaurant is pretty good ( The Great Eastern Dining Room on Great Eastern Street is a good pan-asian restaurant. Bacchus is a short walk but a really great modern restaurant (think El Bulli, Fat Duck style), but you can normally get a deal on There's some great Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Road. The Princess on Paul Street is a good gastropub.

        Slightly further into the Hackney, you have Broadway market. Which has a great market on Saturday and some good pubs and restaurants.

        1. You'll no doubt have a meal at Ottolenghi, on Upper St. I've lived here a few months and my mum recently visited - this was one of very few meals I enjoyed taking her to (the rest being poor value and average food). The food is GORGEOUS, it's kind of like fresh, modern Middle Eastern food, and you'll see it all as you walk in. Full of flavour. Can't wait to go back.

          Also, Gallipoli is a Turkish restaurant with three sites on the same road (Upper St). Very cheap and cheerful, order the mixed mezes and your table will be filled with about a dozen little dishes of pretty delicious Turkish dips, meats and vegetables. Very pretty inside too.

          1. You'll be a 10 minute walk to Whitecross Street, which is fun at lunch time during the week. Lots of little stands with Indian, Thai, etc. Plus they're doing a bigger food market now on Thurs and Fridays with cheesemongers and all that good stuff. Pham for sushi is a good option here. Also, around the corner on Old Street is a Thai place called Thai Thai...Thai chef, but run by Bangladeshis. Pretty dependable.

            Exmouth Market will be about a 10-15 minute walk for you. Some good restaurants...More, The Ambassador. A nice pastry shop (Sweet, and now actually there's one on Whitecross as well).

            You'll be very close to the William IV gastropub. Decent. Not exceptional, but dependable. Oh, and for real ale, you'll be super close to the Wenlock Arms! Dirty, but good stuff on tap.

            In short, lots of options. Not a bad walk to Spitalfields and Columbia Road and Brick Lane on the weekends either.

            Enjoy, and report back!

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              Exmouth Market is amazing for food stall on a friday lunch time, lots to chose from it can be quite busy mind. i prefer Whitecross Street a little further down you have much more to chose from. The food market is on every Thursday and Friday if your big on pork there is now a hog roast stall that serves the best organic pork in a tasty fluffy ciabatta with rocket and apple source very english ;-) . also the bratwurst stall there is better than any i have ever eaten in germany. if your looking for a great restaurant in exmouth market you must try doller grill and martini bar. the staff are seconded to none and the food is perfect every time and served with a smile and lots of happieness.

              1. re: tros

                Last we heard Exmouth was dead - has it come back to life again?

                1. re: supercharz

                  it's dead on a saturday - i checked that recently for another Chound on here. Not around during the week so afraid I've no idea!