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Jun 29, 2008 05:02 PM

Report on dining in Gustavus, Alaska

Just spent a week seeing the sights around Glacier Bay and we found some decent food.

Right now, the Glacier Bay Lodge inside the national park is pretty decent. Nothing too creative but solid offerings (your basic Dungeness crab boil, salmon dinner, halibut tacos). The sweet potato fries on the deck menu are excellent. The coffee is atrocious, and we fantasized about buying the 8 acres for sale near the town's four corner intersection and starting up an espresso shop.

We ate one night at the Gustavus Country Inn which has a chef with some imagination not expected for that area. The prix fixe dinner included a Thai coconut chicken soup, some really delicious shrimp skewers with a chili strawberry dipping sauce, and a berry kiwi cheese tart with a biscuit crust.

The town pizza restaurant was okay. They also serve a halibut melt sandwich that was quite good.

Of course, our hosts at the Blue Heron B&B deserve a shout out for putting on a tasty and non-stop breakfast every morning.

After reading some other Alaska threads on this board, my expectations were low going into this trip. The diner at the Juneau airport did nothing to raise them, but if you like the local food Alaska has to offer, how can it get any better than right out of the sea? I just wish we could have been there when the local organic gardens are in full swing.

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  1. So glad you found some good food in Gusto. One of "the girls" is sisterinlaw to the owners of the the Inn and the girls make a sleepover trip every year or two. They not only put up with 10 crazy women but make our favorite meal - ginger black cod accompanied by much wine! If you're planning to go - the tip about being there when the gardens are ready is a good one - we usually go in August. MMMMMMMM!

    1. First of all Glacier Bay National Park was amazing! Anyway next time you go, check out the Glacier Bay Country Inn, I stayed there this last August, toward the end of the month, and their chef was amazing! I loved every min, I gained 7 pounds, and there were tons of other visitors, that were staying in other lodges, that came as well and raved about his food. I'm no expert on food but whatever he did to that halibut was amazing, especially the cream sauce that came with it, I could have ate it with a spoon. But the deserts were my favorite you can go on their website and under the cuisine section they have a gallery of pictures, I would definitely recommend the homemade caramel apple pie -