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Jun 29, 2008 04:50 PM

Chewy, not crispy crust pizza (with or without cornmeal)

I've noticed that pizza has been favoring the thin, crispy crust lately. Does anyone remember the chewy, hefty pizza with the chewy crust. The Clinton in Whitestone used to make it. Anybody know of places who still make the chewy (Neopolitan) style? Thanks

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  1. Lets differentiate between chewy crust, which is a style, and undercooked doughy pizza which really is better off being cooked some more: LIKE GRIMALDI'S.

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      If you go to the Clinton in Whitestone, you will know what I mean. The crust is slightly thicker than the thin stuff. The sauce and cheese are happily enconsed on top and it is so generously topped that the pizza slightly sags unfde the weight of all that goodness.

    2. This may not be what you're lookin for, but you can try VI Pizza on Bell Blvd and 41st avenue in Bayside. Their sicilian slices are chewy and oh so good.

      1. the much ballyhooed artichoke (14th btwn 1st & 2nd) has charred crust but it's very thick and thus, chewy. get 1 regular slice and one artichoke slice.

        pomodoro (spring & mott) has fairly chewy, thick crust. get the vodka slice / pie.