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Jun 29, 2008 04:31 PM

Pointe in Tyme (PHX)

We have a golf event at the Pointe Tapatio Cliffs next weekend and I was wondering if anyone has eaten at Pointe in Tyme lately. I know it has gone through recent changes...if it's an absolute must-avoid, I'd welcome some rec's in the neighborhood. Thanks!

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  1. Sorry, but our last foray was too long ago to make any difference. Going back about 10 years ago, we had several great meals there. At one time, I thought that they were better than Different Pointe of View, the premier resaturant on the top of the hill. Some years passed, and we happened to go back. Many things had changed, and it was mediocre "resort food," at the time. Have not been back since.

    However, let me know the exact date and time of your tournament. I live just past the 8th green, and right off the 9th tee box. I'd be glad to pop out and serve your 4-some a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I'd also be happy to heckle your competitors, as they pass through. I can even turn the Bulldogs loose on them. Ought to gain you a few strokes on the front nine.

    Back to the food: though it is off-site, I have had very good to great meals at Basis New American Restaurant, NW corner of T'bird & 7th Street. Not, but a quarter/half mile away.

    Wish that I had better news, or newer news, on Pointe in Tyme. Might have reverted to being really good, or... maybe not.

    Quick tip: #9, a benign-looking par 3 is a lot tougher, than it looks. The green slopes heavily from left to right, and back to front. The grain goes upper left to lower right. You cannot see the slope, on the green, but it is there. Land low, and slightly right of the pin.

    Back to the food. Look into Basis for a nice dinner. Do make reservations, as it is a neighborhood spot, so it can be full, even in the Summer. Seems that more, and more folk are staying home in this part of Phoenix. Nice little wine list too, and do not hesitate to ask the sommelier, Nick, if there are any "specials," that are not on the list. Tell him that Hunt encouraged you to pester him, unmercifully, so you want a great wine!

    Enjoy, play well and look to the Southeast, when on #8 green and #9 tee box. Remember, a bottle of SB for the 4-some.


    Basis New American Restaurant
    410 E Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85022

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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      Bill, when was the last time you ate at Basis? I ask because the past few reports here have been fairly negative, and also because on a recent visit, my partner found the food to be nearly inedible. She brought home some leftovers for me to render judgment on, and I had to concur with her assessment. I'm loath to waste food, but the contents that doggy bag went straight into the bin.

      I'm just curious to see if this past spring marked a trough that Basis is now emerging from or if it was a point along an ongoing downhill slide. I hope for the former, because your previous reports have made Basis sound like an important niche-filler for NW Phoenix.

      1. re: hohokam

        From memory, I'd guess six months ago. We were scheduled to dine there in April, but the guests could not make it in that night, and we were leaving a day later for London, so we had a meal catered at home.

        I too have seen some negatives, but have not experienced them. Still, a lot can change in six months. That was kinda' my point to AZhotdish, that I had not been to Different Pointe in Tyme, for some years, but the quality had sunk badly, until the last trip. Unfortunately, we will not be able to do a "location scouting trip," before the tournament.

        I should be able to sneak over there after the 4th, and will report what I find. I'd hate to think that the best "neighborhood restaurant," that we have up here is now gone...


    2. I am going to be at the Tapatio Cliffs resort later this week. Has anyone eaten at Pointe in Tyme lately? Is it worth a try?

      Also, has anyone had a recent experience at Basis that they would like to share? I have found some less than stellar reviews on the board, but all apear to be at least a year old.

      Should I be driving off a little further for something more worthwhile?


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      1. re: drobe30

        Too late to help, but here are my most recent observations:

        Pointe in Tyme was good the first few times that we dined there. About the time that Chef Beason left Different Pointe of View, the lower-end restaurant seemed to suffer. The last few times there were less than stellar.

        As for Basis, we've dined there since their opening. There have been ups and downs, but nothing has been bad. I also feel that they have slipped in the recent past, but they may have corrected that slide and now be as good as they once were.

        Wish that I had really recent reports, but have to admit that we've been hanging at NOCA a bunch, and out of town the rest of the time.