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Jun 29, 2008 04:25 PM

Best ice cream in CT

I personally like Rich's in Oxford. Any other bests out there?

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  1. We-Lik-It in Pomfret.

    1. I nominate:
      Sweet Claude's, Cheshire, CT
      Big Dipper, Prospect, CT
      Wentworth Homemade Ice Cream, Hamden, CT.

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      1. re: DonShirer

        Where about in Prospect is Big Dipper?

        Sweet Claude's and Wentworth are both good as well.

        1. re: DonShirer

          I second that! Sweet Claude's in Cheshire!!

        2. Ridgefield Ice Cream Shoppe, Route 7, Ridgefield, homemade soft serve vanilla or chocolate.

          I drive past this place daily, but am avoiding dairy these days... the soft serve is quite good.

          1. Buttonwoods...I think it's in Griswold. It's in the middle of nowhere, but totally worth the drive. They have about 40 flavors, and amazing waffle cones.

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            1. re: theferlyone

              Their ice cream was decent - not great, but not bad either - but holy moly, they charge an arm and a leg for it! We were there recently over the summer, and a small cup, one little scoop, was $4 and change. I don't think that's a fair price for decent ice cream.

            2. The best ice cream in CT can be found at Doctor Mike's in Bethel. The entire operation, including the machines that churn the ice cream fit in a space that is smaller than your average bedroom.

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              1. re: EastRocker

                We like Dr. Mike's too....not only is it good quality, but the prices are reasonable... and that is a rarity these days.

                1. re: EastRocker

                  Roadfood is currently doing a "best ice cream in NE" thing with many CT choices. I'm driving to RI in a few weeks but I'm going to make a detour for Buttonwoods (I'd never heard of it before!) Looks good!


                  1. re: MrPhil

                    Wow! They really covered the great spots in the state. I went to Ashley's in New Haven and really enjoyed it.

                    1. re: MrPhil

                      Just don't go right after a meal expecting a nice light dessert...a two-scoop waffle cone IS a meal. Their pumpkin ice cream is one of my favorites, and love that they have peppermint stick "off-season". Enjoy!

                    2. re: EastRocker

                      I totally agree. The chocolate lace at Dr. Mike's is my hands down favorite bowl of ice cream. They also have a location in Monroe, at the intersection of Routes 25 and 59, which is less of a hike coming from southern Fairfield County or New Haven County. The ice cream is made in Bethel and delivered to the Monroe location each morning, so there is no appreciable difference in quality between the two.