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Jun 29, 2008 03:50 PM

Excellent Pizza in OC?

I love good pizza...thin crust, Chicago style, any kind. Two things that for me are requirements are an excellent crispy crust (I hate soggy crust) and first class traditional ingredients...I don't like pineapple or barbecued chicken pizza...just excellent cheese, Italian meats, good vegetables and of course, a good sauce. I have had a terrible time finding really good pizza in OC. Does anyone out there know of some place that they think has excellent pizza.

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  1. I like Cortina's in Anaheim, at Brookhurst and Orange Ave. (it's not on the corner, it's on Orange a little east of Brookhurst).

    Check out the Italian Market next door for some other wonderful goodies!

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    1. re: kingkong5

      Cortina's has a delicious special NY-style pizza on their menu for those of you who prefer thin crusts.

      1. re: HBfoodie

        Thanks for that; I wouldn't have known that NY style = thin crust. I'm guessing that Chicago style = thick crust then?

    2. I don't get there nearly enough since I moved but I still think that "Big O to Go" in Mission Viejo is the best.

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      1. re: 1000steps

        While Big O to Go has excellent ingredients / toppings, it should be noted that their crust is a cracker crust which I personally don't prefer. In the MV area, I like Antonucci's for excellent pizza.

        1. re: JAB

          The original post calls for a crispy crust, though. On that requirement, I'd definitely recommend Big O over Antonucci's.

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            Antonucci's is very good but the best NY Style is Rocco's in Mission Viejo at The Kaleidescope Center on Crown Valley & I 5. Superb White Pizza and any type is available by the slice.

            What is Big O to Go? I've lived here for almost 20 years and never heard of it?

            1. re: NYN8IVE

              Big O to Go is located on the S/W corner of Marguerite & Jeronimo. Their cracker crust is not to my liking but, their cheese and toppings are very good. They also don't use the typical pizza box but, serve it on a piece of cardboard and then wrap it in foil.

              1. re: NYN8IVE

                Rocco's doesn't hold up to that locations previous incarnation as Franco's. Now, that was a pretty decent NY pie for MV.

          2. While I wouldn't go as far as calling it excellent, I do enjoy the pizza at Nick's Pizza in Costa Mesa. It should meet your 2 requirements: crispy crust (a thicker crust) w/ traditional ingredients.


            1. Tony's Pizza, Placentia (Chicago Style)

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                Second this. Also, in Anaheim, I love Luigi's D'Italia and Marri's.

              2. Tony's Little Italy in Placentia for Chicago style

                Mammalucco's in Brea for Bronx style