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Jun 29, 2008 03:13 PM

Super G Mart, Greensboro, NC

This is a new international grocery store that just opened in the "Fanta-City" Shopping Center on W. Market Street. Its an amazing place. It carries primarily asian products, with a good supply of hispanic products as well. Everything from fresh produce to meat, fish, dry goods, etc, etc. Some of the stuff is amazingly exotic, at least by Greensboro standards. Durian fruit, more different kinds of rice than I knew existed, drago fruit (?!), all kinds of chilis, frozen food, fresh seafood, japanese crackers, phillipino hot sauce, sugar cane, cactus leaves, teas, soy sauces, fish sauce and on and on. Fun place to go and browse. And the prices are great...whole red snapper for $5.99 per pound. Shrimp for $4.99 per pound. Pineapples for $2.29. Definitely check it out!

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  1. thanks for the info. I've been waiting for them to open for a while

    1. Absolutely thrilled that it's finally open. It's good and clean, and I hope they keep it that way. One thing my wife and I noticed was that beyond the Asian/Hispanic food items, there were also a lot of "regular" groceries to choose from. We even joked that it's the perfect place for us to shop (we're a mixed-race couple). They seem to restock quickly, too. I went Wednesday and they were out of durians. Went back Sunday and there were plenty to choose from. Great prices on seafood. The steaks in the meat section looked like they were a little aged, to be honest.

      There are also several spaces up front for small stores to go into. I'm hoping they put in a bakery like Grand Asia in Cary.

      1. Is the seafood at Super G reliably fresh? I've been wanting to make something with fresh clams for a while but Super G's a little out of my way to just drop by and check.

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          I stopped by super about a month ago and must say I was not impressed by the meat and seafood. I would recommend either a local seafood market or try the latin asian market on high point road. A place with lots of variety and freshness is the vietnamese seafood place on high point road right before the coliseum inn. They have an aquarium like selection though it has been about 9 months since I have been

        2. Does anyone know if they still sell their Sashimi Salmon Filets? They used to have these nice big chunks of salmon, pre-skinned and everything for sushi, and around $8-$15 for a nice big piece. They were always really tasty, but i haven't seen them there in a while. Anyone know if they still sell it?

          1. Just wanted to point out for anyone who didn't know, Super G opened a second store in Charlotte. I'm so excited for them! It's such a great store I'm glad they're doing well and branching out.

            Also, they've added more "internationality" with a larger European isle. Bought super pure New Zealand clover honey today, it's so good (rich and creamy) that I eat it by the spoonful...