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Jun 29, 2008 02:46 PM

Lunch at Barbeque Beach in North Miami

Pluses- Good food, huge portions.
Minuses- Service.
My wife and I ordered a bowl of chili to split as an appetizer, with sandwiches as a entree.
We received (eventually) a huge bowl of chili chocked with beans and smoked meat. This was large enough to have served as lunch for both of us.
Mrs. 'Rat ordered the blackened salmon sandwich (yeah, why order this in a BBQ joint?) with a side of fries. I ordered the Memphis style pork sandwich with slaw on top and mac & cheese.
Then we waited... and waited... and waited.
Finally the food comes out. They bring my wife the salmon plate, not the sandwich, (which we sent back) the fries and my lunch.
The pork sandwich was quite good and I would certainly order it again. The mac & cheese was OK. The basket of fries was huge, cooked to perfection. Excellent.
My wife's sandwich finally came out- they had taken the fillet from the order we sent back and placed on the bun and sent it back out. A large fillet for a sandwich and well prepared.
So the food was great and I will certainly go back, but the service needs work. Our waitress looked absolutely frantic most of the time and the place not that busy.

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  1. I'm glad things (eventually) worked out.....BBQ Beach is solid as BBQ is concerned.....But I do agree that there service staff needs some work....and direction......I've eaten there three times now....the BBQ was quite good each time...but the wait staff just didn't know which direction they were heading in....But the BBQ is worth the trip.....Not many real low-n-slow BBQ places in Miami-Dade County.....


    1. I agree the food is good and also agree that there aren't that many GOOD BBQ places left in Miami-Dade County. I have spoken with a few of the wait staff that have since left there and just wanted to put a little insight on the subject here referring to the service. The issue of the service appears not to be (for the most part) with the waiters, waitresses and bussers, but mainly with the kitchen staff. The (ex)wait staff I have spoken with were as upset as the customers seemed to be. And from what I have been told, if they attempted to urge the orders to come more quickly and/or correctly, they were told to leave the kitchen and the kitchen staff alone. The management tends to back the kitchen staff no matter what. Wait staff were and still are upset over this as this hurt(s) the tips they received. They also said they would get frazzled knowing they have had a customer wait as long as they have had to wait sometimes and their job became truly complicated just on this issue alone. I guess maybe over time this may straighten out but, for now at least, I am going to allow a little lead way for the wait staff knowing what I know now and the fact that the food is worth it..

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        We hit BBQ (NM) Beach Wednesday night in anticipation of the holiday weekend - I got too impatient to wait for BBQ and fireworks so we started early. We were lead by the friendly hostess to an an outside takeout window where a very young girl took our order and played cashier. The whacked pork platter at $11 is a hefty serving of delicious chunks of smoked meat served with your choice of 2 sides and sauces packed to go. We got 2 sweet potato & banana mashed and had a feast for two for ELEVEN bucks. All of our NMiami friends who were skeptical of this former Roadhouse Grill have taken our advice and are now big fans of the BBQ...

        Any restaurant is going to have a staff shake out in the early days. I am just happy there are TWO sources of whacked pork in my rotation now. Happy 4th of July Hounds...


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          We've been twice now (for dinner not lunch) and have not had any major service issues. Someone came to take our order within a few minutes, brought drinks, got our orders right, and I never felt we were waiting inordinately long. WUSD is probably right, generally a long wait means the kitchen is the issue not the waitstaff, but we've been lucky not to have any issues.

        2. Well, we gave Beach Barbecue in north Miami a second chance, as we first tried it opening week, and had a horrible meal…but we have heard such favorable things about the place, and the first week of a restaurant is notorious for having to “iron out the kink.”
          The first time there was a flavoring mishap with the meat, and it was SO over smoked and/or processed with smoke, and salty, that it was inedible. Sent it back, and got the chicken, which was a bit better than bad….This time, with a fresh attitude, and hungry for some good rib “grub,” we ordered the “Traditional dry spareribs,” thinking we would add the flavor we liked, as there are so many different sauces to chose from….The meat was dried out, and I got so desperate I put salad dressing on it….We ordered collard greens, which were sitting for a long time, and the flavor was “stale.” The salad was fine….not too much one can do to mess up a basic dinner salad. The help was in another world all together. At least if the food was good, there may be a shred of hope for this place…but if the food does not put them out of biz, if we are lucky , then their “dopey” young, under aged, , inexperienced wait-staff will, and bring something worthy to the area. While I do like better restaurants as well, I am always looking for well priced, good laid back restaurant that has good food, with low fuss, and a low bill…ESPECIALLY in this economy….So, I am not certain that Flannigan’s caught wind we cheated on them…or Scorch got together, and told them to mess up our ,meal…but we will NOT be returning. Long live Flannigan’s!!!!

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            My friend wanted to go (he's been talking about it for days). The whole BBQ beach thing seemed cheesy to me, but I tried to be open minded about it.

            We ordered the bucket of bones appetizer, and although a little cold, the ribs were good. If you are not that hungry, the bucket works as a small meal. I also liked the selection of sauces.

            The rest of the experience sucked:

            Two of us ordered the pulled pork platter (huge portion, but very fatty and cold). Much of it was not edible. The third in our party ordered brisket (again, big portion, but fatty and cold). Was more edible than the pork.

            The mac and cheese side was bad. The slaw was not edible. The beans were not memorable. The fried green tomatoes looked good, but I didn't try them.
            The cornbread was okay.

            We should have sent the cold stuff back, but the meal was going so bad that I really didn't think it would make a difference.

            Overall, the service was slow and bad.

            The beautiful Panasonic flat screens were broadcasting in standard def?!?! (the manager promised they would be hi-def in time for football season/what are you waiting for?).

            I was hoping the place would pleasantly surprise me, but it failed miserably (with exception for the ribs appy and the fact that you get a lot of food, although fatty, for your money).

            As we were leaving, I said that I could deal with the cheesy setup (and would actually embrace it) if the food was good. I hate for a restaurant to be bad.

            SFL is BBQ barren. The only places I will go are Tom Jenkins and Scrubys.

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              I guess I count myself as lucky....I've been to BBQ Beach on three different occasions and each time was quite good....I thought they had service issues but the quality of the food that was ordered was always quite good.....No excuse for what you described.....Sorry to read your experience wasn't as it should have........


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                Actually I agree with you - I've had better sides across the board from People's BBQ in Miami than from BBQ Beach.

                1. re: mialebven

                  I actually very much like both BBQ Beach's creamy apple slaw and the spicy slaw (and I'm not usually much of a coleslaw fan), their baked beans, and the fried green tomatoes; the mac & cheese is only OK and I think the sweet potato & banana mash is too sweet. The waiters have warned me against the collard greens and I've followed their advice.

                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    I have never been a fan of their sides, especially the mac and cheese which is one of my favorite comfort foods and they do not get it even close to decent... but the pork and ribs at the South Beach location (haven't been to the other one) we have always loved...oh and I really like the cornbread....honey flavor is awesome. Haven't been in a while...maybe it is time....

            2. I fled the Keys over the weekend due to an invasion of relatives.
              I didn't feel like cooking when I got to the NOMI house, so I ordered takeout from BB.
              I asked how long. She said, "5 minutes".
              It was ready in 5 minutes.
              But they can't get it to a table inside the place in 40 minutes.

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                We took out from BBQNoMi and it took 5 minutes. It was delicious... I'm thinking it's probably an indication that taking out might be a better idea than eating there. Besides - BBQ is always better after you drive it around a while. Auto-Motion-G-Force seems to activate the molecules in the pork fat.

                Any scientists out there who can explore this hypothesis? I never have anything left over from the control group to reach a reasonable conclusion.