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Jun 29, 2008 02:17 PM

Spending a week in Portland, Maine.

Need a brief primer on the scene. Great breakfast places, pizza, and of course seafood. And anything else in between. Moderate prices earn extra points. Thanks.

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  1. We're also heading up there soon. Here's some of the places on our short list.

    Fore street - I'm dreaming of the mussels in garlic and almond sauce roasted in the oven.

    Bar Lola on the recommendation of a friend.

    Hugo's but probably at the bar for lighter fare rather than the tasting menu.

    Duck Fat for lunch

    And, the only two that may get me the extra points.

    Twin lights lobster shack for the best dining view anywhere.

    Allagash Brewing Company tour to learn more about their barrel aged beers.

    I haven't done my Chowhound search of this board for fill in spots yet.


      Hey - that's a good post on a recent trip up there.

      Bar Lola and Duck fat are definitely good recs for a nice not too expensive meal.

      For pizza, there's always flatbread company. It's a nice atmosphere, focuses on organic ingredients and the community. It's right on the water.

      Then there's a bunch of brewing companies...shipyard...take a tour.

      Dunno if anyone's mentioned it, but there's a place called J's (oyster?) bar right on the waterfront. It's really just a bar, with tables surrounding it and tables outside..but my brother swears that their lobster bisque is the best. Comes with chunks of lobster inside.

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        We've had a few meals at J's Oyster over the years. They are friendly to folks who walk around with leashes in their hands. I'll have to try the Lobster Bisque. thanks

      2. My favorites in the cheap/moderate price category:
        Breakfast: Becky's Diner
        Lunch: J's Oyster, Twin Lights Lobster Shack, Harrasskeet Lobster Shack (S. Freeport)
        Pizza: Bonobo, Flatbread
        Dinner: Ribolita (Italian), Caiola (New American), Emilitsa (Greek) Pepperclub (mostly veggie with some excellent meat entrees) Front Room (New American) Blue Spoon (New American)

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          Hi StevensAve:
          You have good taste, but you left out a few good ones !!!!
          Forside Grill

        2. Everytime I see this post I encourage a road trip. Take the pike up to bath/brunswick, route 1 north. In Bath take 209 to the end and spend a day at Popham beach, the most beautiful beach in Maine. On the way, stop at Mae's Cafe for breakfast/lunch or stop at the back street bistro in Brunswick on the way home for a great dinner and nice wine selection....

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            we are. we have friends in sebasco. thanks for the recs.

            1. re: gorditwo

              I am in the heat and humidity and very envious. Have you had drinks and fried clams at Sebasco looking out over the bay at sunset??? Food is so so but the view is grand.

          2. Since I love to be on the water/boat, I say take a short 15 min ferry ride (only$3.95) over to Peaks Island and have lunch or dinner at Cockeyed Gull. Awesome views of Portland from their deck. There's also the Inn on Peaks Island, home of Casco Bay Brewing Co. - great pub food. Both are walking distance from the dock!